Review: Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver

Cobra has been promoting it’s new Fly-Z+ driver with the #FlipitRipit hashtag.  It is their first adjustable weight driver that allows you to make it either “low back CG” for a more forgiving driver or a “forward CG” for a low spin driver.  You can flip the weight from one setting to the other for different results depending on your needs.  While this is the talk of this driver, I think Cobra’s new face technology is actually the real deal.  As I found in the regular Fly-Z, this driver just smashes the ball with some of the highest consistent smash factor of any driver I’ve ever hit.

I played a Cobra driver much of 2014 and was very happy with the results.  I’m liking what I’m seeing in 2015 a little bit more.  The new Fly-Z+ driver is low spin like last years Pro, 455cc for good forgiveness and yet it still offers great balance between looks, feel and performance making it the best combo Cobra has created yet.

Obviously PGA pros would play well with any driver, but Rickie’s display at the Players was something else.  His Cobra driver was really working for good reason.  This thing is a bomber.  I’ve been really impressed with it on the course too.  It is making a hard push to earn the “gamer” spot in my bag.

The “speed channel” face works.  The E-9 design for off-center hits and the “slot” around the face create the hottest driver face on the market.  The energy transfer from face to ball is about as high as possible shot after shot.  While people say that new drivers aren’t longer than older drivers, which is kind of true on dead center hits, the Cobra Fly-Z+ is on average longer because of the face technology.  Almost anywhere on the face will yield high energy transfer to the ball.

The next major talking point is the spin.  Many higher swing speed golfers want lower spin off the tee so that the ball will carry further and roll longer.  The Flipit weight offers that low forward CG which creates low spin.  If you aren’t so concerned about spin, but want more forgiveness then FlipIt to the back setting.  I’m a forward weight guy.  I’m after distance with low spin.

On the course, I’ve been impressed by the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver.  It can keep up with anything out, but in a very playable way.  A couple drivers I have are lower spin, but not as forgiving, and a couple other drivers I have are very forgiving, but not as low spin.  Cobra found that perfect blend between forgiveness and low spin.  The ball comes off the tee on a mid/high trajectory and just stays in the air for a long time, until it hits the ground with good run-out.  I can work the ball a little with this driver, but it doesn’t have a strong desire to move one way or the other.

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor

Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver

    • Spin: 1934 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 14.1*
    • Dispersion: 8.3 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 104.0 mph
    • Ball Speed: 154.0 mph
    • Total Distance:  277.8 yds
    • Carry Distance:  265.2 yds

In addition to all the features listed above, it has excellent sound and feel because of the multi-material design.  With the weight forward it is a little more muted feeling, but still very solid at impact and very pleasant on the ears.  The stock shaft is really good too. Matrix VLCT ST surprised me a little bit on how smooth and consistent it was.  The stiff flex help up nicely to my swing.  The 65gram shaft brings the club in at D4.

Is it the best club for 2015?  It certainly is in the running.  I have one other driver that offers many of the same features with just a hair more forgiveness, but this one looks and sounds way better. Cobra has certainly stepped up their game with the Fly-Z+ driver.  It is their best driver yet.  It has 2 options that make it either a forgiving or low spinning.  #FlipitRipit is real weight technology that works together with the Speed Channel face to create on of the best drivers of 2015.

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Quick Hits:
+2 options – low spin or high forgiveness
+Great mulit-material sound and feel
+Excellent looks and options
+Quality stock shaft
+Speed Channel face tech is legit

–Not as forgiving as other drivers