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REVIEW: Cobra Forged Tec Black ONE Irons

Improvements Might Just Change Your Mind On One Length Irons
Last year I tried a set of Cobra ONE-Length irons for the first time.  While I felt like they had potential, they didn’t make my gamer bag due to 32 years of habits and some surprisingly unexpected results.  It appears Cobra went back to the drawing board and made some adjustments to their ONE-Length iron formula.  These Forged Tec Black ONE Irons have me    thinking there is something to this ONE-Length iron idea that might just change my mind and my irons.  Could they earn a spot in your bag?
The Cobra Forged Tec Black ONE Irons arrived early summer here in AZ and didn’t exactly make a stellar debut.  My first round with them might have been my worst iron play in quite some time.  I was almost tempted to box them up and send them back to Cobra.   I didn’t feel that was fair so after contemplating how to handle these I went to the range and wasn’t going to leave until I figure these out.   It took a simple ball position change to start hitting these irons with consistency.  I really focused on “one” swing, and remembering it didn’t matter which club I had in my hands, the bottom of the swing arc is always the same.  These couple little mind switches really made a huge difference on the course.
Obviously the Cobra Forged Tec Black ONE irons look cool.  I’m always a sucker for black irons, these look even better with the black DG S300 AMT Tour White shafts.  Paired with the blue ARCCOS embedded grips, these are a really nice looking package.  They are a players cavity back head with just a touch more offset than my preference, but I did find the proper alignment and set-up to still hit them repeatedly flush.  The Forged TEC heads have a soft forged feel with a bunch of carbon technology in the cavity to dampen vibration and offer forgiveness.  I’ve been impressed how well they have held up to the hard AZ turf, even after 7 rounds they look almost new.
The big surprise with the Cobra Forged Tec Black ONE irons came in rounds 3-7 with these clubs.  I started playing some really good golf with these in the bag.  It helped I was hitting good drives, but based on my ARCCOS data, my iron play improved over this time too.  I found it interesting that these irons rarely went left.  I had more to worry about losing them with a tiny drift right.  The movement was ever so small.  It really was just a little adjustment to my aiming to take into account the mostly straight shots which once and a while had just a tiny fade with these irons.
A HUGE bonus of the Cobra Forged Tec Black ONE irons is the inclusion of ARCCOS.  Not only do the irons have embedded sensors in the grips, they also throw in the rest of the sensors you need for every other club in your bag.  This is some pretty significant value.  If you have any of the F8 woods you already have embedded sensors in those clubs, but you might not have sensors in your wedges or putter, which are all included with this set.  I was slightly annoyed that I had to switch my ARCCOS 360 account to a Cobra account, but once I did, nothing really changed, I still had all my previous ACRROS rounds available for comparison.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra Forged Tec Black ONE – 8-iron

  • Spin: 7753 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 29.1*
  • Dispersion: 3.3 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 88.5 mph
  • Ball Speed: 110.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  158.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  155.8 yds

The Cobra Forged Tec Black ONE length irons are the real deal, especially with the new improvements.  They are certainly not for everyone, but like I said in the previous review for One Length irons,  for a beginning golfer, I think these are the way to go.  I’ve got 32 years ingrained into my head of how to swing different clubs, and yet these are potentially going in my bag, these improvements really are game changes.  Don’t give up too quick if you try these in the store, it may take a few rounds to dial them in, but once you do, you can watch your consistency improve.  They feel great, the head is super solid and forgiving, and if you want one swing, then these are your clubs.   The improvements Cobra made really did improve the One Length irons.

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Quick Hits
+Excellent head design
+One-length simplicity
+Accuracy in all clubs
+Black package looks awesome
+ARCCOS included for all clubs

–Potential initial struggles

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