Review: Cobra King F6 Baffler

Avoid shot confusion with the Baffler
One of the worst feelings in golf is standing over the ball not knowing what to hit or how to hit it.  Maybe a narrow strip of fairway, or a forced carry or a rough lie that you need to hit a solid shot.  Do you hit iron, hybrid or 3-wood?  It probably depends on your comfort level with those clubs, but Cobra offers an alternative that you can hit instead, the Baffler.  It looks like a 3-wood, lofted like a hybrid and hits it as straight as an iron. The secret is the rails on the sole that act like rudders through any turf keeping the head from twisting at impact for straight shot after shot.
I initially thought the Cobra King F6 Baffler was just another 3-wood, but after reading the specs realized that the club length and loft were closer to a 4/5 wood.  It is more of a hybrid replacement than a 3-wood replacement.  But if you don’t hit you 3-wood well, drop it and get this.  Put the weight in the front and you’ll get the 3-wood like results in an easier to hit club.
The Cobra King F6 Baffler is easier to hit because of the loft, length, rails and weights.  I have been most impressed by how straight it hits.  The old expression, “point and shot” is about as true as ever with this club.  Simply set the rail on the intended line and swing, it squares back up so easily.  Yes, it can go right or left if you swing poorly, but even then the ball typically doesn’t bend, it just goes straight that way.

The Cobra King F6 Baffler comes with a very nice stock set-up.  The Matrix Red Tie shaft is very smooth and stable.  It offers a mid launching flight that is very easy to elevate.  It is a little shorter length at 41.75″ which really helps with confidence and control.  The spin is very controlled with this club.  It doesn’t balloon, but hits the ball on a high, but strong trajectory.

I didn’t mess around with the weights between the rails.  I was really happy with the results I was getting with the weight to the back, but if I were going to drop my 3 wood in favor of this club, I’d move the weight forward to drop the spin and lower the launch so I could get a little more distance.  But I really liked the higher launch and softer landing which is closer to a hybrid. (which is the club it replaced in my bag.)

The Cobra King F6 Baffler is really solid and you are going to want to find a spot in your bag for it, but which slot might be the struggle for some golfers.  If you are not a fan of your current 3-wood or hybrid, this is a perfect replacement for either one or potentially even both.  If you have a yardage gap between those clubs you might find this a fit there too.  But since it isn’t a pure 3-wood replacement or a pure hybrid replacement you might not be sure how it fits into your bag.  No matter the club, figure out the yardage it hit and see how your distance spacing works best. 

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King F6 Baffler 17.5*

  • Spin: 4020 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 18.1*
  • Dispersion: 3.5 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 95.0 mph
  • Ball Speed: 137.8 mph
  • Total Distance:  219.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  210.1 yds

 The Cobra King F6 Baffler will hit the ball straight, high and accurately from any lie.  You can take some confusion out of what club to hit on narrow holes, tough lies or when you simply need a “go-to” shot.  The Baffler is a unique club, that could fit into a couple slots in your bag, or even serve as a 2 club replacement.  The combination of rails, weights and shorter shaft make this a very forgiving club to put in your bag.  The Cobra King F6 Baffler will take some confusion out of some normally intimidating shots.

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Quick Hits
+Straight hitting with the rails
+Adjustable weights
+Solid feel
+Shorter shaft for better control
+Could replace a couple clubs

–Niche club that might not fit a slot in the bag