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Review: Cobra King F7 3-wood

Baffler Rails for Every Club
One of my favorite clubs for 2016 was the Cobra King F6 Baffler.  It was ridiculously easy it hit and went straight on virtually every shot.  It was solid and had good distance.  My only issue with it was that it didn’t fit into my traditional bag set up since it was more like a 4-wood/5-wood and I play a 3-wood and hybrid.  The new F7 3-wood with baffler rails fixes that problem, yet offers the same technology and performance.  Baffler rails are not necessarily a new technology, but it is one that works.  After playing the F6 Baffler, the F7 3-wood and the F7 hybrid, I wonder if Cobra should put Baffler Rails on every club.  Seriously, the rails make for some of the best hitting fairway woods and hybrids.
Cobra has obviously been stepping up their game in their entire line-up of clubs.  The One-Length might be getting most of the buzz, but the fairway woods should not be overlooked.  The Baffler rails on the F7 line are made at varying heights depending on the club.  The King F7 3-wood has the thinnest of the rails since the sweeping motion of hitting a 3-wood requires the least amount of “rudder” through the turf.
The Cobra King F7 3-wood has the Baffler tech which makes it very stable through the turf at impact.  The adjustable weights can change your launch and spin.  I like the weight back in this 3-wood for maximum height.  I didn’t have any spin or distance issues.  It was still very long, yet hit the ball fairly high which was great for cutting corners or carrying maximum distance.  While moving it forward did lower spin and made the overall distance longer, I liked the higher carry distance with the weight back.  I also went with the 14.5* loft to maximize the combo as well.
I was really excited to get the Cobra King F7 3-wood on the course since I had found so much success with the F6 Baffler.  It didn’t disappoint; this club does everything the Baffler did, only longer.  I couldn’t quite turn the baffler into a 3-wood replacement because of the distance it hit, and it was just a touch long for the hybrid slot, but the F7 3-wood won that slot in the bag easily.  I could hit it off the tee easily with great control on narrow holes and off the fairway it is dream to hit.  The turf interaction is the best of any 3-wood I’ve ever hit.
The Cobra King F7 3-wood has a great shape to the head.  It is decent sized head with a nice face height.  It really fits that middle ground, not too thin, not too tall, not too big, and not too small.  Cobra is offering the club in a couple colors, but I like the plain black with orange accent colors.  The Fujikura Pro 65 stiff shaft is a nice pairing with this club.  It offers a smooth stable transition with decent kick at impact.  The sound of the Cobra King F7 3-wood is really good.  It has a slight mute with a tiny ting at impact.  It is a very pleasing sound and sensation at impact.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King F7 3-wood 14.5*

  • Spin: 3004 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 15.4*
  • Dispersion: 3.6 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 98.7 mph
  • Ball Speed: 143.8 mph
  • Total Distance:  245.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  232.1 yds

I’m serious when I think Cobra should consider putting Baffler rails on every club.  I’m not sure if it would work, what it would look like or it would even be useful on some clubs, but this technology on the Cobra King F7 3-wood is the real deal.  The adjustable hosel, interchangeable weights, hot face and rails make this an outstanding combo.  Paired with the F7 hybrid, these woods make for a great top end of the bag.   You need to check out the Cobra King F7 3-wood and see if Baffler Rails should be in your bag, I think you’ll really like them.

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Quick Hits:
+Baffler rails are the real deal
+Excellent feel
+Great distance
+Plenty of adjustments
+Good looks
+Nice shaft

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