REVIEW: Cobra King F7+ Driver

Another Step Forward for Cobra Drivers
In the last 3 years Cobra has really stepped up their driver game.  The CG movement and options has really played a key role in making their drivers a good fit for so many golfers.  The King F7+ takes that even further, yet keeps it simple with 3 weights.  There is a 12g weight and 2 x 2g weights.  The three positions allow the golfer to change the CG significantly to fit their needs.  The + version this year adds a smaller footprint, lower lofts and an upgraded stock shaft.  Another real key to the Cobra King F7+ tech is the built in ARCCOS Driver.  I’ve been using this tech in other clubs through ARCCOS, but to have it built in is even better.   Cobra took another step forward with the King F7+ driver.
The Cobra King F7+ driver is stealthier than the previous models with the sleeker shape and matte paint.  It is a great looking combo.  The new weighting system is simpler to use even if it doesn’t have quiet as much front and back adjustment, the additional draw adjustment will certainly help some.  There are also options to buy addition weights to change the CG  in more ways than just the stock configuration.  The sounds has changed too.  It has a slightly louder sound than the F6+ driver.  It isn’t bad or obnoxious, just something to note since the F6+ was probably too muted, this one dials in the sound a little better.
I’ve always felt that Cobra has some of the best face technology with the E9 face.  They say that the newest face on the F7+ is even better.  They removed the “Speed Channel” that surrounded the face of previous drivers and now have  a smooth face to driver body transition, but the new design is said to be lighter and even more forgiving.  From my testing, I don’t have any complaints about the new face tech, seems as forgiving as past and the ball feels like it really pops off the face.
The crown of the new Cobra King F7+ is lighter yet so that more CG can be manipulated with the sole weights.  I’d also imagine the adjustable weights are lighter than the sliding track in the previous model too so it seems like Cobra really has the low CG figured out.  I played my F7+ with the weight forward for the lowest spin.  I typically generate enough loft with me swing and don’t have slice issues anymore so low spin is usually my biggest desire.  It was certainly low spin and offered good launch and control off the tee.
The stock shaft that comes in the Cobra King F7+ driver is another real deal Fujikura Pro 61 with XLR8 tech.  This is a great shaft that plays low to mid launch with fairly low spin.  I liked that this combo came in at D2 which also felt very natural.  I played an x-stiff shaft for this combo.  Since moving to AZ I’ve been able to up my swing speed a little.  I’m kind of tweener so I tend to play stiff flex still, but can generate enough clubhead speed to play the X.  I did notice that later in the rounds or if I wasn’t warmed up, I had a little struggle loading the club properly.  I don’t see any reason to play a different flex than normal, nor worry about launch like a few past Cobra drivers.  Play what you’d “normally” play and the results should be very good.
I’ve been really happy with the FlightScope Xi Tour numbers as well as the on-course results.  I’ve hit some huge drives with this club reaching places on the courses I’ve rarely been.  I wouldn’t call it the most forgiving club I’ve ever hit, but wasn’t hard to hit or unforgiving either, probably a little more middle of the road in that category.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King F7+ Driver

  • Spin: 2054 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.8*
  • Dispersion: 7.8 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 106.9 mph
  • Ball Speed: 157.2 mph
  • Total Distance:  287.3 yds
  • Carry Distance:  268.4 yds


One of the biggest tech stories of this club is the built-in ARCCOS driver.  It is really easy, you just download the app, sync up the driver and go out and play with your smartphone in your pocket.  It tracks your drives on every hole you use your Cobra King F7+ driver.  At the end of your round, you pull up the app and can see every drive you hit.  It may take an edit or 2, but typically it is right on.  It just adds to the knowledge of your driver which will help in upcoming rounds if really can carry that bunker at 250.  We all think we bomb it, but now you can know for certain if that really is true.
Cobra took another step forward in 2017 with the King F7+ driver.  The new club features which manipulate the CG even more, the great looks and ARCCOS driver make it an excellent combo.  the drop in price as we near fall makes it a great deal too.  If you haven’t hit a Cobra driver in a while, you are missing out.  Each version has gotten better.

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Quick Hits:
+Easier CG adjustment
+Better sound
+Stealthy looks
+ARCCOS Driver built in
+Excellent stock shaft