REVIEW: Cobra King F8+ 3-wood

Rails and + Make For A Strong Combo
Baffler Rails are one of my favorite technologies used in fairway woods and hybrids.  Last year Cobra included them in entire F7 line.  But when they added rails to the F7 line, we lost the + model.  This year in the F8 line they kept the rails but also gave us a + model.   This combination of their two great technologies makes for a really strong hitting, forgiving, good out of any turf 3-wood. 
The Cobra King F7 3-wood was one of my favorite clubs I tested in 2017.  The rails, the shape, the forgiveness and the distance made it a killer combo.  But from time to time, it did wish I could hit a little more penetrating flight with it.  If nice tall 3-wood bombs are what you want the F7 or F8 are your best choices.  But if you want something a little stronger, a little flatter, a little more penetrating, the F8+ is the King.
The Cobra King F8+ has slightly redesigned rails to offer more speed through impact.  Basically the rails were shaved down just a little to resist digging, yet maintaining the balanced weight and slight “rudder’ affect through the turf.  I was really impressed on the course how easily the F8+ slid through the turf.  There was no drag feeling or digging that took place on any shot with the F8+ 3-wood.
The Cobra King F8+ has the MyFly adjustable hosel so you can change the loft to your preference.  I tend to stick with a somewhat traditional 15* 3-wood loft.  I was surprised/impressed by how low hitting this 15* 3-wood hit.  I didn’t need to turn it down to a stronger loft to get a penetrating flight.  If I went all the way down on the loft I could hit 10 foot high stingers all day long.  I do however still like to get the ball up in the air, which at 15* I was just at the low side of my ideal 3-wood flight.  It was absolutely a beast in strong winds with its penetrating flight.
Cobra also added the Aero 360 tech and carbon fiber crown to make this a fast head.  While even with my Flightscope I couldn’t really notice significant clubhead speed gains, the package does look really cool.  The nardo grey partnered with the black carbon makes for a nice looking compact and shallow 3-wood.
The final detail not to be overlooked is the Arccos 360 connect which is built into every new Cobra club.  The 3-wood sensor built in offers the ability to track this club along with all your others on the Arccos app.  If you read my review, it is the best golf technology out there right now.  It is a real bonus to using Cobra clubs.  

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King F8+ 3-wood

  • Spin: 2602 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 12.1*
  • Dispersion: 4.5 yds
  • Club Speed: 100.5 mph
  • Ball Speed: 148.7 mph
  • Total Distance:  261.4 yds
  • Carry Distance:  230.3 yds

Cobra brought back the + and kept the rails for a strong 3-wood combo.  If you need to lower your launch and keep your 3-wood flight flat, this might just be the perfect club for you.  I love the thins rails, hot feel, compact shape and strong flight.  This is probably going to be a better fit for the stronger and lower handicap golfers, but it really offers some benefits for such golfers.

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Quick Hits:
+Improved Baffler rails
+Forward weight
+Low launch and low spin
+Great feel
+Compact shape

–Aimed for better players