REVIEW: Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK Hybrid

It's Big, It's Fast, and It's Long

Iron like hybrid or Wood like hybrid is the debate.  Each golfer has their preference and there are many options out there from just about every golf company.  The newest SPEEDBACK hybrid is certainly in the “wood” like category, but they actually make a separate club for that. Read my Cobra King F9 Speedback 3 wood review here.  I would say it is even on the bigger side within the wood category of hybrids.  Cobra made this wood like hybrid in a way that it still has all the functions of a hybrid, but a little more beef behind the ball with new tech to make it bigger, faster, straighter, longer and easier to hit.  When you combine the head shape and weighting with the Baffler rails, you have one awesome hybrid.

I’ll start with the Baffler rails in the discussion of the Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK hybrid.  While they aren’t new, Cobra continues to tweak them to get the most out of these heavy twin rails on the sole.  I love them on this hybrid because they keep the weight low and help guide the club through the turf.  It doesn’t matter if it is a tight fairway or deep rough, the rails help keep the club from twisting as it contacts the ground and the ball.  It is one feature that sets the Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK hybrid apart from all other brands.  If you interact with the turf  with your hybrid, this is the club for you.
The Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK hybrid has some other new features that improve this hybrid over previous models.  The new club head shape lowers the toe which moves the CG toward the center.  The 15g tungsten weight in the back also lowers the CG for higher launching shots.  I found the shape and weighting to offer a high launching, straight hitting hybrid with a strong flight.  I was actually quite impressed how little the wind had an impact on shots with this hybrid.  Ballooning can be an issue with hybrids, but not this one, it kept a strong line into the wind or battling a cross wind.  The ball didn’t move off its line.
The Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK hybrid is on the bigger side of hybrids.  To tone down the size, Cobra went with a matte black finish on the crown.  I think it looks great, but find is kind of odd since the F9 driver and 3-wood have glossy crowns.  Usually within a line like the F9 line you’d expect similar looks.  This does look nice with the Cobra King Forged irons.  The hybrid shape is appealing and the leading edge is straight so it is easy to align. The stainless steel face feels really hot with a nice hollow pop.  I was also surprised how much I liked the Fujikura Atmos 7 shaft.  My previous testing with Atmos in driver wasn’t great, but in the hybrid this shaft is stable and smooth.  It complements the head nicely for hitting the ball straight.
The Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK hybrid has great versatility on the course.  I put the H3 (19*) hybrid in the bag. It was long, straight  and accurate off the tee.  There are a number of holes that I play that require a lay-up shot off the tee and this club was great, borderline too long.  Off the fairway I could use this club to reach l greens without running through them.  The ball stops on long shots.  I also hit many great escape shots from the rough that held their line and lost virtually no distance.  The only learning I had to do with this hybrid was playing the ball to go straight instead of curving.  Many hybrids have a right to left tendency, but the King F9 SPEEDBACK just wants to go straight.
The Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK hybrid comes with an ARCCOS connect sensor built into the grip.  If you haven’t used ARCCOS yet, you need to get on that, this tracking system will help you track your scores and your shots, but it also helps you learn.  After a few rounds you can really see if you hit your hybrid 225 yards regularly or just on hero shots.  You will learn the difference between your hybrid off the tee and off the turf.  All these benefits will help you become a better golfer.  If you buy Cobra irons they will hook you up with the other sensors, but if you have other irons in the bag, the sensors are worth every penny of investment.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 19* Hybrid

  • Spin: 4016 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 21.2*
  • Dispersion: 3.1 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 98.3 mph
  • Ball Speed: 136.9 mph
  • Total Distance:  230.5 yds
  • Carry Distance:  221.8 yds

The Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK hybrid is a wood like hybrid that hits the ball straight, high and long.  You might want to test a couple different lofts of it to see which one fits the right yardage gap in your bag.  These could be longer than a similar loft in a different brand.  The Baffler rails really elevate this club to the top of the hybrid class for 2019.  The Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK hybrid is big, fast, straight and long.

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Quick Hits:
+Large club head
+Baffler rails
+Low toe
+Hot feeling
+Long and straight

–Matte crown doesn’t match other F9 woods

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