Cobra King Forged CB/MB Irons Review

Irons Designed for Rickie, but Playable by Amateurs

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COBRa king forged CB MB irons-min

This is my official review of the Cobra King Forged CB/MB Irons. 

I was lucky enough to use this beautiful set of irons for many rounds. Here are my thoughts!

COBRa king forged CB MB irons-min
Cobra King Forged CB/MB Irons – Overview
I think most golfers know that tour pros play different irons than the ones sold on store shelves. While the pro might hit them for a commercial or might even have the same model in their bag, they are custom made to their specs. The Cobra King Forged CB/MB irons in the past were the same way, Rickie added some tungsten weighting to his irons to better fit his needs. Cobra saw the better performance Rickie was getting and decided to offer them to the consumer. The new Cobra King Forged CB/MB irons are an amazing combo set that aren’t just a pro iron, but will work for the better amateur golfer. Sure they aren’t going to be great for a 20 handicap golfer, but if you have a little iron game, they should be considered for your bag.
Combo sets aren’t something new, I remember back to my first set of Nike Pro Combo irons and the blend of cavity back irons and muscle back irons.  The Cobra Kind Forged CB/MB irons are similar in transition and design to other combo sets; cavity back irons in the longer clubs and blades in the shorter clubs.  Forgiveness on long shots and control on short shots.  The Cobra King Forged CB irons are the 4-6 irons and the MB irons are 7-PW.  I really like this breakdown since I consider my 7-iron a short iron for control shots.  They are designed together so there are no distance gaps or change of appears  from CB 6 to MB 7 iron.
The Cobra King Forged CB/MB irons major update is their weighting.   Rickie wanted some Tungsten in the center of the sole, so Cobra’s tour fitters added some, which ended up raising the MOI and making them more forgiving and higher launching.  They still have the tungsten in the toe so they have heavy weights low and wide, like a more forgiving iron.  This new tweak makes them better for Rickie and better for the amateur golfer.  I really like how balanced the head feels at impact.  The KBS $-Taper Shafts have them coming in at D2 but they feel overall balanced throughout the swing.  The KBS $-Taper 120 was a new shaft for me, but they feel like a super smooth DG S300.  I was super impressed by the consistency and straight flight.  While any iron and any shaft can be worked some, these were mostly straight hitting.  KBS labels them low launch and low spin, I hit them on a strong flight with decent spin for holding greens.
The Cobra King Forged CB/MB irons are gorgeous in the bag with their sleek black lines and simple design.  They are one of the best looking irons on market.  The black is holding up really well to the firm desert turf in AZ.  I like how dull the finish is in the bright sun too, so that there is no reflection.  The black KBS $-Taper Shafts with black Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips with Arccos sensor are an outstanding looking combo grip to toe.  They are about as stealthy as it gets.
Taking the Cobra King Forged CB/MB irons to the course has been absolutely fantastic.  My first round with them I shot 2-under.  Since then I’ve played very consistently around a couple over par.  I have found the distances to be about 1/4 club longer than my other irons.  While this rarely has me changing clubs from what I’d normally hit, I will often be past the hole instead of short of the hole.  While this isn’t huge, there seems to be a confidence that comes with being just a little longer.  I’ve also found them to stop with minimal roll out which also help to just commit to the line and hit.  The 4-6iron CBs have really made long shot less intimidating.  190 over water to a tucked pin is just as easy as a flat 120 to a wide open green.  There is just enough forgiveness in the CB without sacrificing feel so that I hit the long shots almost as accurate as the short shots.  The 6-iron CB to 7-iron MB transition is seamless.  You can barely tell the difference in feel and forgiveness isn’t drastically different.  The scoring irons are MB and while they look small, they play big.  I’m impressed by their high launch and holding power to attach any pin.
The Cobra King Forged CB/MB irons come with Arccos grips and additional sensors for the rest of your bag so that you can go full Arccos shot tracking.  I’ve been saying this since the beginning, how much I love Arccos and that hasn’t changed one bit.  The built in sensors make it even easier.  The value in working with Arccos comes in both the knowledge you gain about your game and distances and even more so when you use the Caddie feature.  Taking all things into account, you can gain some real insight into your game and apply that knowledge to improve.  I’ve noticed that as I started using Arccos more regularly for all my rounds, my scores have been going down.

Cobra King Forged CB/MB 8 Iron Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin:7931 rpms

 Launch Angle: 28.3*

 Club Head Speed: 88.1 mph

Dispersion: 3.3 yds

 Ball Speed: 109.0 mph

 Total Distance: 154.7 yds

 Carry Distance: 150.1 yds


While we all wish we could play golf like Rickie Fowler, we at least can play his irons.  I’ve read enough “professionals” say you shouldn’t play what the pros play because you aren’t good enough, but I truly believe these irons can help you game if you are a lower handicap golfer.  The modified weighting raises MOI and makes these a forgiving combo.  You might even find yourself playing like Rickie with these Cobra King Forged CB/MB irons or even the Cobra King Forged Tec Copper Irons.

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Quick Hits

➕ Outstanding stealthy looks
➕ Tungsten weighting for forgiveness
➕ CB/MB combo for even more forgiveness
➕ Seamless blend between CB/MB
➕ 1/4 club longer for confidence
➕ Amazing feel
➕ KBS $-Taper shafts are smooth and consistent


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