REVIEW: Cobra King RADSPEED 3-wood

Growing up in the ’80s means the word “Rad” was part of my everyday vocabulary. All the cool things in the world at the time were “rad”. I realize this dates me as getting old, but the use of RAD in the new Cobra 3-wood gives it a cool name. The performance is just as cool as the technology used in this new fairway wood is legit. It is straight, low spin, quick launch and easy to hit. It is a combo that both low handicap golfer can enjoy while offering plenty of benefit to a higher handicap golfer. This thing is RADLONG too.
How much distance you are chasing with your 3-wood is going to depend on how much you already have.  If you hit the 3-wood a long ways already, you might not want any more, but don’t write the Cobra King RADSPEED 3-wood off just yet, because you might find some benefits of how you get the distance with this club.  It is one of the longest 3-woods I’ve ever tested.  This was kind of surprising for me since it isn’t the Tour or the Big Tour, but just the regular RADSPEED. 
The Cobra King RADSPEED 3-wood has a larger footprint, but still thin and well hidden, especially in the matte peacoat (navy blue) finish.  It is one of the nicest looking 3-woods to boot.  The size means the weight can get shifted to the back for easy launch and maximum forgiveness.  If you are a better player and already launch the ball high, you might need to adjust the hosel or even go to the tour model to lower the launch.  I liked the high launch since it also meant soft landing.  The RADLONG comes in almost all carry, instead of carry and roll.  The stock shaft options are really nice.  I went Fujikura Motore F3 since it really is a great fairway wood shaft with its great feel, easy to launch and tight dispersion.  I really like the Fujikura brought this shaft back and the Cobra offers it stock in their new clubs.
My favorite feature of Cobra fairway woods is the rails.  The RADSPEED 3-wood has hollow rails that glide nicely along the ground.  Instead of having them hold the weight like some previous models, they made them hollow and redistributed the weight in the head to better optimize the CG.  They also created a flex zone in the rails which allow them to offer even a little forgiveness on hits low on the face. The RADSPEED name comes from the Radial weighting which brings some heavy weights split right near the face and then a big back weight for easy launch.  This weight combo is their RADical design which pushes weight around further for better results.
The infinity milled face of the Cobra King RADSPEED 3-wood is hot.  This face tech continues to impress as Cobra dials in the face to maximize balls speeds for the largest sweet spot.  I like how the crown of the face is just a tiny bit taller than the main crown which also helps avoid any sky marks which are so easy to hit with 3-woods.  The carbon crown is also very lightweight allow more weight movement which allow Cobra to better position the CG.
My on course experience with the Cobra King RADSPEED 3-wood has been nothing short of stellar.  I’ve hit absolute bombs off the tee and smacking RADLONG shots off the fairway into par 5s.  I’ve had more looks at Eagles in my last couple rounds than I am used to seeing.  I like how easy it is to hit off the turf with the rail and thin face combo.  It is big behind the ball, but it never felt like too big that I couldn’t hit it will.  Approach shots land softly and hold the green.  While I’ve hit some 3-woods longer total distance, this one carries as long as any I’ve ever hit.  This is important if you are targeting a specific distance with your 3-wood which you can be confident this club will hit.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King RADSPEED 3-wood

  • Spin: 2314 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.9*
  • Dispersion: 4.0 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 101.2 mph
  • Ball Speed: 147.9 mph
  • Total Distance:  273.6 yds
  • Carry Distance:  260.2 yds

 The Cobra King RADSPEED 3-wood is RADGOOD.  I have been impressed by the performance from the minute I put it in the bag.  It is an improvement on previous models and goes head to head with any other 3-wood on the market.  As an added bonus, Cobra continues to embed Arccos sensors in the grips so you can keep track of your gained performance easily through the app.  If you want an easy to hit, forgiving, quick launch and long 3-wood, you should check this one out.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to hit
+Great feel
+Excellent looks
+Big(ish) footprint
+High launch

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