REVIEW: Cobra King Speedzone Driver

The Face Just Got Faster
Many golfers out there believe that a driver from 8 years ago is just as good as a brand new driver.  They claim that since COR was limited, no new driver can be better than any old driver.  Unfortunately there is no data to back up that theory.  On the flip side, claiming that every new driver will gain you 20 yards is also ridiculous.  If you haven’t been fit, or if you are still playing persimmon then big yardage gains are possible, but for the most part we are talking about small increases, better spin rates and improved forgiveness.  I’ve always been a fan of Cobra’s face technology and this year they made the face even faster.   There is still room for improvement and Cobra shows that with their Infinity Face.
So how did Cobra make the Speedzone face faster?  They infinity milled it.  What does that mean?  Essentially they milled the most precise face in golf and then cupped it to a titanium frame which is finished with lots of carbon fiber.  This expands the sweet spot even more than before, which means your average ball speed is going to go up.  Yes, if you hit every shot dead center, there might not be significant increase, but most of us need that speed when we miss the sweet spot.  Additional speed also comes from improved aerodynamics.  Almost everyone is doing something on the crowns to help the club move faster through the air.  Cobra keeps honing their design to squeeze every MPH out of each swing and impact.
The Cobra King Speedzone Driver also benefits from lower spin.  I’ve had to work hard over the years to bring the spin down with some of my Cobra drivers, but not with the Speedzone.  Right off the rack it has low spin numbers that really help maximize yardage.  While too low spin can have the negative effect, but I’m generally fighting too much spin.  The adjustable weights front and back help dial in the exact needs.  You can add some forgiveness by moving the weight to the back while increasing your spin or vice versa.  I was most happy with the low spin numbers without trying to change settings or shafts.
The Cobra King Speedzone Driver is also forgiving, especially in terms of ball speed.  I was most impressed with the consistent speed/distance numbers no matter where I hit the ball on the face.  (if you look at the face picture below, you can spot some of my misses)  The ball also wanted to go straight for most of my swings, not a lot of curve in either direction.  This isn’t a swing fixing driver, but speed is the key.  If you want to swing faster and hit the ball further, this is going to be an upgrade.  Again we are talking averages, not hero shots.  Sure that one time you may have had the stars align and hit a bomb with another driver, but averages are going improve with this driver over your old driver.  More consistently fast off the face means you will see your driving distance increase.  Not 20 yards, but a couple yards.  Over time that adds up, and sometimes it makes the next club selection shorter or helps you carry a bunker or hit speed slot.
There are other minor factors that contribute to what makes this a great option in 2020.   The Cobra King Speedzone Driver has a nice look at address.  It sits very square and a nice classic shape.  The Carbon body and crown features make the sounds nice and muted.  The “red exhaust” makes it look fast from the back too.  The ProjectX Hazrdus Smoke Yellow is a nice stock shaft that creates low spin with good feel.  The built in Arccos is a feature that offers so many benefits to your game too.  While they don’t automatically include extra sensors anymore, you can order a full set through Cobra to improve every aspect of your game.  If you haven’t used Arccos yet, your game is missing the benefit of knowing exactly what happened during your round and how to improved based on how you actually play, not just what you think.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King Speedzone Driver

  • Spin: 1959 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 13.3*
  • Dispersion: 5.7 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 109.3 mph
  • Ball Speed: 162.7 mph
  • Total Distance:  301.3 yds
  • Carry Distance:  284.1 yds

Don’t overlook Cobra this year if you are looking for a new driver.  The Cobra King Speedzone Driver is a legit contender for big dog slot in your bag.  It has everything you want from that new driver: speed, forgiveness, low spin, great sound and classic looks.  Don’t go chasing crazy numbers, look at average speed numbers to see the benefits of the Cobra Kind Speedzone Infinity Face.

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Quick Hits
+Fast face
+Low spin
+Adjustable weight and hosel
+Nice sound
+Good forgiveness

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