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It's All About the Rails
The Cobra baffler rails are my favorite hybrid tech. They serve as rudders through the turf and keep the weight low for easier launch. They’ve been around now for some time and generation after generation they keep getting better. The newest version of the rails are hollow which offer many of the same benefits as before, but now they flex more for even greater pop and forgiveness off the face. When it comes to Cobra hybrids, it is all about the rails.
The Cobra King SPEEDZONE Hybrid is on the larger side.  It has a big body that inspires confidence behind the ball.  The yellow cobra symbol as an alignment aid and  yellow pin stripes on the back of the crown frame it nicely and define the shape quite well.  The matte black crown blends in nicely on this larger hybrid.  If you really like a compact look, you might have to move to the utility iron because this head is hefty.  The face is big which means for forgiveness which is important in a hybrid.
The combination of the size, the face, and the hollow rails make the Cobra King SPEEDZONE hybrid a big hitter.  Similar to the 3-wood this club is long.  The hybrid has so many uses on the course for escaping rough, reaching par 5s in two, hitting tight fairways or dropping onto long par 3 greens; this club does it all, but just a little bit longer than most.   While I’m mostly looking for gapping yardage in my hybrid, have that little extra pop is kind of cool too when you hit hybrid past other golfer 3-woods or even drivers. 
The Cobra King SPEEDZONE hybrid has a deep back weight which helps launch the ball high with a high MOI for more forgiveness.  I found the D0 swing weight a little different.  I prefer it a little head heavier but with the UST Recoil shaft is still feels pretty good.  The UST Recoil 480 ESX (F4) is a nice 75 gram shaft which is also just a touch light, but still stout enough to handle hard swipes at the ball.  It is very stable and has a nice launch and feel.  The overall lightweight of this club helps create some speed during the swing yet maintaining stability with strength and well placed weight.
I know it is kind of repetitious in all my Cobra reviews, but the Arccos sensor deserves mention as an added bonus to purchasing the Cobra King SPEEDZONE hybrid.  If you already use Arccos it is nice to just scan the new club sensor, insert it into your virtual bag on the app and hit the course.  It really is worth investing in Arccos if you haven’t already.  It will improve your game because you will have a better understanding of your yardages and your tendencies.  If you use the Caddie feature it will even “teach” you how to play the hole better.  There is chance it might tell you to hit this club a little more often because of the distance and consistency it offers.  Even if you just buy this one club, Cobra has offers to get the rest of the sensors you need for your whole bag.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King SPEEDZONE 19* Hybrid

  • Spin: 3871 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 21.0*
  • Dispersion: 3.2 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 99.5 mph
  • Ball Speed: 138.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  237.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  224.8 yds

Cobra keeps tweaking the rails to improve their hybrid.  The hollow rails of the Cobra King SPEEDZONE Hybrid make it a little faster, a little more forgiving, and a little longer.  This new combo isn’t a huge step forward, but it is an improvement in just about every category.  The rails are still the highlight of what make Cobra hybrids so good.  This one has some great features that can improve your hybrid game.

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Quick Hits:
+ Big
+Hollow rails
+Easy to launch

–A little light

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