REVIEW: Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood

Can a 3-Wood Be Too Long?

You rarely think about your clubs hitting the ball too far, but is it possible?  Imagine a tight dogleg that you want to place the ball just past the corner, but not through the fairway.  You driver has danger written all over it, but the 3-wood should do the trick nicely.  You line up, put a solid swing on the ball only to watch it fly through the fairway into the junk.  You know that the edge of the fairway was 260 yards via laser rangefinder and your ball flew that.  Yes, amazing to see that kind of distance, but depending on your needs the Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood might be too long. Check out the Cobra F9 Speedback 3 wood.  It is the longest 3-wood I’ve ever hit.  I know back in the day squeezing yards out of the 3-wood was all the rage, but Cobra added even more with their newest tour model.

Remember the Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood isn’t aimed for every golfer, specifically the high handicap golfer who is constantly searching for more distance.  Be aware that this is an anti-left 3-wood.  Not impossible to hook, but certainly favors the right.  It is also a 14* head so isn’t for the golfer that needs help elevating the ball.  The name implies that this club is for the better golfer that might want to hit it like the guys on tour.
There is a whole lot to like about the Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood.  It sits very square to open at address.  It has a very compact shape.  It has new hollow split rails which give it a little extra “pop”, the rails keep things in line with amazing turf interaction.  It is weighted forward for low spin and has carbon fiber crown for a nice muted solid sound at impact.  The CNC Milled face is hot and has consistent ball speeds.  It is designed for the better golfer and delivers amazing performance.  It comes stock with the Project X HZRDUS Yellow shaft 70 which is a smooth mid to low launch shaft which helps this club rocket the ball. I was happy that the stronger loft didn’t just hit low bullets, but was still easy to elevate off the turf.  This clubs offers some of the best turf interaction with the shallow face and rails.
The Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood did take a couple swings to figure out.  It isn’t your typical everyday 3-wood since it favors the right and is a lower loft.  After a couple swipes at the range, the 1st tee sets up better for a 3-wood than a driver.  I stepped up and ripped this club, and WOW, straight strong flight that just didn’t want to come out of the air.  It was the longest tee shot I had ever hit on that hole.  Thankfully there wasn’t trouble.  A few holes later I’m in the fairway of a par 5 with 250 left to the flag.  I hit the Cobra Speedzone Tour over the green.  Later in the round, it happened again, I always hit 3-wood to stay short of the desert wash, only to find myself 15 yards into the sand.  It is just plain long!!
The Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood is the longest 3-wood I’ve ever hit and it is all trackable with the ARRCOS system embedded in the grip.  I know I don’t fire up the app every time I play golf since I rotate clubs so much while testing that I don’t always have sensors in my clubs, but honestly this is the best tracking, GPS, Caddie app/system there is.  I absolutely love that Cobra has sensors stock in all their clubs.  This will just back up the visual proof that this club is long.  If you have access to a launch monitor like the FlightScope Xi+ Tour you will get numbers that are fast and long.  The “proof is in the pudding”;  this club is impressive.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood

  • Spin: 2344 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.6*
  • Dispersion: 4.1 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 99.9 mph
  • Ball Speed: 146.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  271.0 yds
  • Carry Distance:  255.9 yds


If you are a lower handicap golfer looking for a little extra length with your 3-wood, the Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood is longest 3-wood I’ve ever hit.  It has a strong flight, low spin and interacts with the turf amazingly well.  It offers great control off the tee, from the fairway or even out of thin rough.   While extra distance is always welcome, this club pushes my gap limits.  Can a 3-wood be too long?  There is a chance that the Cobra King Speedzone Tour 3-wood is going to push the boundaries and gapping in your bag.  It is the longest 3-wood I’ve tested.

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Quick Hits:
+Great turf interaction
+Nice compact shape
+Amazing feel
+Adjustable hosel

–Not for the high handicap golfer

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