Review: Cobra S3 Driver

Designing a face for actual results.
 When it comes to driver technology it can be hard to tell what is marketing hype and what is real technology.  There are all different innovations that companies try out and even claim help golfers drive the ball better.  But more often than not, they are not really all that beneficial.  The new E9 face technology of the Cobra S3 driver is the real deal.

 I took this driver to the course and even before hitting it, I liked what I saw.  The black crown and black sole paired with a tall silver face with a smooth Cobra alignment aid offered a very pleasing look.  It sets up nice and square in the Neutral position and offers closed or open settings.  While it doesn’t have the adjustments of many other drivers on the market, the main 3 are probably the most useful anyways.  Too many options just causes confusion.  It does come in a bit on the long side for many golfers at 45.5” but is a nice D4 swingweight.  The F1 shaft by Fujikura is the real deal too.  I decided to go X-flex since previous experience told me that the stock stiff was going to play a little soft.  I am a tweener on flexes so I was glad I went to the X. 

 On the course I found an amazing constancy of distance.  It seemed that swing after swing, all round long I was always the same distance off the tee.  Even when I could tell I hit it off center, the distance loss just wasn’t noticeable on the course.  While I wasn’t always hitting them perfectly straight, I was getting excellent distance.

 After the first round was over I took some time to examine the face and sure enough the exact pattern of the new face was the pattern of my shots.  There seemed to be just enough dimple residue to see that elliptical pattern of my drives.  High toe to low heel.  In the next 4 rounds I found the same results, it was the most consistent driver I have ever hit distance wise.  I didn’t get any “Wow, where did that come from?” but I also didn’t have the “Why is this one so short?”  It was right at the distance I get with most drivers.

 In the past I’ve heard Cobra drivers from the other side of the course, but not with the new Cobra S3 driver.  It offers a pleasant metallic whack.  It is not too muted, but not too loud.  It is probably the most pleasant sounding Cobra I’ve heard in a while. 

 The Fujikura T006 Blur shaft is the newest in their line of great shafts.  It is designed to be lightweight, yet stable.  It offers a good mid launch with moderate spin.  I seemed to hit nice flat tee shots with this driver.  They would rise quickly to a mid height and then flatten out nicely during mid flight.  The ball hit the ground with what seemed to be mid spin.  I got some roll out, maybe about a dozen yards.

 While this adjustable driver is great, I wish I could purchase more tips.  Sure the Blur is a great shaft and works well; but I still like to tinker and would like try some other shafts, especially some ones that are not available through Cobra.  

The accessories that came with the driver all all very nice.  There is a felt pouch to hold the wrench.  The headcover is think and has a long sock to protect the shaft and the standard tour velvet grip is nice.

 Also just introduced is a white version of this driver.  The head is the same, but this one is paired stock with an Aldila RIP Beta shaft.  It makes one stunning white combo.  While there is no performance benefit of white paint, it does look cool.

 The Cobra/Puma team is churning out great products.  This is just another great driver for Cobra and the E9 Elliptical face is the real deal. 

 For more information:

 Quick Hits
+Forgiving Face
+Nice Sound
+Real Fujikura Blur
+White or Black Option

-Long Shaft Length
-Limited Adjustments