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Review: Cobra S3 Pro Irons

Looking for some longer irons?
Do you want to hit your irons 10 yards longer?  While I’m not always one to be interested in more length with my irons, it was interesting when I gained 10 yards per club with the new Cobra S3 Pro irons.

 I see irons as more precision instruments rather than just bombs away tools.  So for me the most important feature of an iron is their ability to consistently hit the same distance accurately. 

My first round out with the Cobra S3s was a little rough.  I happened to take them to the hardest course in the area.  Not knowing what to expect I assumed that these would hit the same distance as all my other sets of irons.  I typically play my 8-iron at 150 yards.  So when my first chance to use an iron, I was standing next to the 150 stake.  I took aim and hit the beautiful towering shot that went and went all the way over the green.  I thought maybe it was a fluke.  So the next hole I needed (or so I thought) a 5 iron.  Only to proceed and do the same thing again, 10 yards past the pin over the green.  So I slowly started adjusting for the difference so that by the end of the round I was just going one club down and finding my distances.

 So after finding out they were 10 yards longer on every club, I started concentrating on the other aspects of these clubs.  I was really happy with how accurate they were.  They were rather straight hitting for such a compact head.  The 7-iron through Gap wedge in a muscleback form and the 3-iron through 6-iron in a modified cavity/muscleback form.  It is a combo set that is set-up just about perfect.  So many combo sets have the 7-iron as a cavity back and only 8-iron and lower as blades.  I’ve always wished I could get the 7-iron in a blade too; now I can.  The 6-iron and higher make perfect sense in cavity back where a little forgiveness is always welcome.

Theses irons will rival any other Cobra king forged iron in feel.  The little cut outs in the musclebacks offer a very soft feel while keeping the solid weight right behind the sweet spot.  Not only do the feel great, they look awesome.  The satin back finish is so pleasnt to look at and from the many rounds I’ve played with them, is holding up fantasically. 

The stock shaft is DG S300, which I think little needs to be said about them since they have been around for so long and really are the standard in steel iron shafts.  As well as the stock tour velvet grips.

 What I was most impressed about this set was how precise the specs were.  I have a basic workshop with many measuring tools and they all looked right on to me, but I did a fitting at Hot Sticks at Windsong Farm in MN and they have digital everything and every single club from top to bottom of the set was almost perfect, I had one iron that the lie angle was off a .25*.  Even the fitter working with me said that it was about as good as he’s ever seen come in.

 I played more rounds with these before writing the review than I typically do, simply because I was looking for something negative to say about these irons and I couldn’t find anything.  I guess the only negative might be that they are still blade like, compact players irons.  Not everyone can play them, but if you’ve even got a halfway decent iron game, you will love the feel consistency and length of these irons. 

 In 2011 Cobra has really put out some nice products, the S3 driver is excellent and the S3 Pro Irons are equally good.  If you need a little more length, great feel and yet still excellent control and accuracy, look at the S3 Pro Irons from Cobra.

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 Quick Hits
  +10 yards longer
  +Soft forged irons
  +Combo set w/7-ion blade
  +Perfect specs
  +Satin finish

–Compact players clubs

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