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Review: Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges

The Pros Know Wedges
Every time I have ever been to a tour event the most impressive part to watch is their wedge game.  They can spin it, run it out, chip it close, and do more creative things with their wedges than I’ve ever seen an amateur.  It really is a part of their game that sets them apart.  So when Cobra got direct input from their touring pros about their new wedges, I just knew they were going to be good.  After having them in the bag for 8 rounds I will say the Pros know Wedges

The first thing I noticed was how different these are compared to the Trusty Rusty wedges.  Those were much more angular and had a very unique shape.  I think they had a love/hate relationship for most golfers.  The Tour Trusty wedges have a much more conventional shape, are less polarizing and will appeal to many more golfers.  The only real holdover is the center scallop with the Cobra snake logo in it, other than that they are completely different wedges.

The Tour Trusty wedges went back to the even numbered lofts so that it fit better into golfers bags.  The odd numbers sometimes put players in a predicament as to what wedge lofts to buy, up or down a degree from their normal set-up.  This 3 wedge set-up was your standard 52*, 56* and 60*.  They worked out great as a gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge.  They come stock with DG shafts and dual compound grips.  There is only a hint orange on these really nice looking satin/chrome wedges.

While the name sounds familiar, these wedges are all new shape, grooves and design.  They look really great in the bag and at address.  They have a fairly rounded shape with no offset.  The big news is really in the trailing edge grind that is now a version of the K grind which has multiple scallops on the back edge.  I’ve played the K-grind before on a sand wedge and wondered why it wasn’t on all the wedge lofts; now it is.  The heel relief and toe relief make these incredibly versatile wedges.  Where the scallops meet it creates 2 rudders for straight shots.  The grinds on these wedges are some of the nicest I’ve seen on stock wedges. The contrast satin and chrome looks really good to on the back of this wedge.

I had a pretty good idea I was going to like the K-grind on the 56* wedge especially out of the sand, but I had no idea how much I would like the K-grind on the 52* and 60* wedge from all other lies.  My first rounds out with these wedges this fall was in very dry conditions.  The fairways and rough were all very hard.  This is an area of my game that has often struggled is a wedge shot off hardpan or hardpan like turf.  These wedges were amazing.  I clipped every ball cleanly no matter the distance or type of shot.  The K-grind on each head worked like a dream.  I had my best short game off hard turf, ever.  The ball was coming out perfectly and checking up just how I wanted. This led to more 1 putts on the day too.  These are without a doubt the best wedges I’ve played off hard ground.  Desert golfers or dry condition golfers need to seriously take a look at these.  

As our fall conditions changed from hard to soft, my wedge game went from amazing to normal.  The K-grind didn’t seem quite as spectacular off the soft turf and the slightly protruding leading edge dug sometimes more than I wanted.  After a few adjustments, my wedge game came around, but still had to be careful I didn’t chunk the ball.   I still had a decent short game in the wet conditions, just not quite the “wow” factor of the dry conditions.

These cast wedges have very good feel, not quite forged, but solid at impact.  Since these are such great dry conditions wedges I think that cast is the way to go, especially as you see the dings my 56* have, imagine what a forged wedge would look like.  The Tour Trusty wedge is a pro style wedge that can spin it with the best, yet have those features that will benefit even an amateur.  Cast wedges are going to last longer and their grooves will stay sharper longer thus a good fit for someone who wants wedges in their bag for a while.

The 3-wedge set fit nicely in my bag.  The 52* wedge became my go to 110 yard club.  It worked well from all lies and hit the ball on a high, but flat trajectory giving me excellent distance control and stopping power.  The 56* wedge was my 100 yard club as well as my sand wedge.  I had a pretty good feeling I would like this one out of the sand and it didn’t disappoint, nor did it have problems from other lies, fairway or rough.  The 60* wedge started at 85 yards and worked in toward the green.  What most impress me about this wedge was the trajectory vs. spin control.  I was able to bring the ball in lower with more spin.  My shots looked like the one the pros hit.  I had more than a couple “WOWs” from my playing partners.

If you play on hard turf, these are the best you can buy off the rack.  They offer excellent control of spin and trajectory as well as clean clipping of the turf.  These wedges just reminded me again about how much the pro know and how good they are with their wedges.  Their input on these wedges really made a big difference.  The K-grind on each one is a wonderful feature and adds real benefits to your turf interaction.  The Pros Know Wedges.

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Quick Hits
+Best hard turf wedges
+K-grind benefits
+Excellent spin and trajectory control
+Good looks

–Tendency to dig in soft turf

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