Visit: Cobra/Puma Golf

The Fun Golf Company
Cobra has a different angle than the other OEMs.  While they all duke it out for world dominance, Cobra clearly understands their place and their niche, make golf fun for as many golfers as possible by easy to hit clubs of amateurs and innovative clubs for the players.   They do that from top to bottom.  Even upon entering their headquarters, they don’t have serious posters or bragging banners, they have the coolest golf cart I’ve ever seen.  They have signed bright colored shoes from their players and a giant orange hat.  They are bright, fun and creative.    This office houses Cobra Golf and Puma Golf.
Their fun loving attitude is probably not a surprise since their tour players are “flashier” than the rest.  Their clubs come in many different colors, their videos and commercials are just plain cool and their promotion encourage more golfers to enjoy the game. 

But don’t let that fool you, they know how to make some great products too.  While there wasn’t much to tour  of their facilities since their production is all off site and they don’t have a fancy range, we did see all their new 2014 products and what make them great designs.  The high point of 2014 is the Bio Cell Drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons.  They have both a regular model and a + model.  The regular model will fit most anyone from tour player on down; Rickie has the driver in the bag, while the + model is slightly modified with some new materials and lower spin.  The fairways and hybrids match the drivers and look really good.  The irons are designed to be easier to hit and longer. The designs is slightly wild in the cavity area, but it actually looks pretty cool.

Puma is also part of the golf equation.  Their shoes and apparel are always bright and youthful looking.  The new stuff is no different.  They have made some of my favorite shoes over the years and 2014 looks to be more of the same.  I think this may be their best line from top to bottom yet.  Their new lightweight street shoes looked stunning.  Their other sport shoes and high end shoes looked killer.  You’ll be seeing these on their tour pro soon.

While the Cobra/Puma facilities aren’t as big as the other OEMs, they know who they are and who they are targeting.  I think they are in a great position to bring new golfers to the game by making it fun and easier.  Their youthful energy really is on display and their products are no slouch.  They have some great sticks coming in 2014.

If you want to learn more about the new Cobra products go to: