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I carried my clubs in the Craftsman Golf Stars & Stipes Carry Bag for 4 rounds of golf.  It is one of the lightest compact carry bags you can use that will still hold a full set of clubs.  Craftsman has been making headcovers for years and now has entered the bag market.  They bag options are an incredible value as well as very functional on the course. You won’t find a better deal on a ‘Merica bag.   

This is the my Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes Carry Bag Review for 2022.


‘Merica is on our minds as we have mid-term elections.  What a great nation we live in that gives so much power to the people.  While it isn’t perfect, we are proud to me Americans.  One way to display our pride is with stars & stripes golf gear.  There are many different version out there, but Craftsman Golf created a golf bag that really shows off that pride well.  They also did it at an incredible bargain.  If you want one of the most stylish, lightest, lowest cost ‘Merica bags; the Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes Carry Bag will be your best option.

Craftsman Golf makes 3 bags; Sunday Bag, Stand Bag, and Carry Bag.  They go from smallest to biggest.  The Stars & Stripes Carry Bag is the biggest model and allows you to carry a full set of clubs in one of the lightest bags out there.  Obviously the first thing that pops is the design.  The American Flag is proudly plastered all over the bag.  It is mostly navy with stars and a few white and red stripes to really created a lovely design.  It is one of the better ‘Merica bags I’ve seen.  Obvious enough people will notice, but subtle enough people aren’t blinded.

 The Craftsman Stars & Stripes Carry Bag has a unique construction for a smaller lightweight bag.  Many have gone to a “formless” material bag, which means it relies on clubs and accessories to give it shape, or maybe a single rod, but this bag has an entire “plastic tube” that creates and holds the bag’s shape.  I think this is a great design because when a bag gets small and compact, the “shapelessness” of some causes the clubs to bind at the bottom.  This bag however holds is shape all the time perfectly, meaning clubs go in and out the same every time.  It is also makes it look great whether there are 2 clubs or 14 clubs in the bag. It isn’t impacted by full or empty pocket either. It also holds from nicely when you are carrying it which means the weight doesn’t “crush” onto your body funny.

The Craftsman Stars & Stripes Carry Bag has all the carry features you want; padded double shoulder straps, back pads, easy deploy legs and a top lift handle.  When it comes to carrying this bag, it really is easy because not only is it lightweight, but the carry features are well designed.  The straps are thick padded and balance nicely on the bag.  The top handle means it is easy to pick up to start the carry process.  The legs are thin, but deploy quickly and easily when the bag is set down.  The 3 back pads along with the “tube” help this bag ride very nicely and comfortably for all 18 holes on the back.  They look cool but offer some nice ventilation too. Like all carry bags the straps take a few adjustments to get just right for your shoulders, but I found these easy and straight forward when it came to adjustments.

The Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes Carry Bag has a 4 compartment top.   This is pretty standard for carry bags.  You can divide the woods, irons and wedges between the 4 sections.  While the bag is compact, I was impressed with the ease of which the clubs went in and out of the slots.  I think the “tube” body of the bag is a big help.  There are 2 full length dividers under the top which keeps the main 3 compartments divided.  It is only a 6.5″ top, but works much bigger than that.  It functions very well on the course.

The Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes Carry Bag works really well on a push or power cart too because of the “tube”  It doesn’t get crushed when strapped down.  You can tighten it up nicely and it stands tall and rigid on a power cart.  The same is true on a push cart; it rides nicely on any push cart because of the solid body construction.  I also like that it stand in my office without tipping over.  It seems so many bags need to be leaned against something so they don’t tip over.  The Craftsman bag stand all by itself whether loaded with clubs or empty.  It shows both the design stability as well as balance.

Some might call the Craftsman Stars & Stripes Carry Bag light on pockets.  It only has 2 “saddle bag” pockets.  These ride on each side of the spine of the bag and have vertical zippers.  While these are huge, they do carry everything you need for a round of golf, and yet not weigh down the bag.  Sure you can’t carry extra shoes, full rain gear, multiple dozens of golf balls, etc, but tees, balls, rangefinder, gloves, etc fit easily.  The pockets open up wide as the long zippers allow for easy access.


If you are proud to be “Merican then the Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes Carry Bag is an excellent choice for a lightweight, compact, good looking, bargain of a golf carry bag.  It has good function on course and is designed for maximum durability.  It isn’t big, 14 way top or have lots of pockets, it is more of a minimalist bag that is great for less than 14 clubs, but just big enough to carry a full set if needed.  If you are thinking about showing your USA pride with a lightweight carry bag, this is one of the best bargains you can find.  

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Craftsman Golf Stars & STripes Carry Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Craftsman Golf makes excellent low cost golf accessories. They've been making great headcovers for years and now have added golf bags. Their 'Merica bag is very functional as such a great price.

  • ✅  Pros: Nice flag desgin, Lightweight, Sturdy, Balanced, Durable, Compact, Good padding, Low cost.

  • ⛔  Cons: Only 2 pockets.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The best bargain for a 'Merica bag is the Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes bag. It is also very well designed for a compact, lightweight carry bag. It is ideal for less than 14 clubs, but will still work well with a full set because of its sturdy design.


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