CRU Golf Leather Headcover

A Headcover that Inspires Pride
There are so many options out there right now when it comes to headcovers.  You can go sans headcovers and let your clubs bang around, you can stick with the OEM covers that came with your clubs or you can choose from hundreds of options, knit, wool, tech, leather or some other custom option.  Being kind of a headcover junky, I take a lot of pride of what headcovers I use.  The CRU Golf Limited Edition Declaration headcover really inspires pride in both the cover and the USA.
My first exposure to CRU Golf Leather headcovers was a few years back when they made a set of custom covers for my bag.  They still make it into the headcover rotation of my favorites.  Their durability is as good as it gets.  Those covers still look great, almost like new, even after multiple rounds.  These new headcovers are built off the same design and materials, just cooler.
When this design was first introduced at the Presidents cup, I immediately fell in love with the design.  While I can’t claim any great service to this country; military or other, it doesn’t stop me from having pride in my homeland.  The Declaration of Independence inscribed on these covers is amazing.  It is about as classy and creative as it gets.  While I only have a hybrid cover, I could easily do all my woods in these covers.
Even though the CRU Golf Limited Edition Declaration Presidents Cup Headcovers are sold out, their custom department is ready and willing to work with you on your own custom creation which will also inspired your own pride.  Their signature series is pretty cool; they will take you signature and put in on strip of leather on the headcover making it very personalized.  If you have other ideas, just email them and see what might work.

ThisCRU Golf Headcover really inspires pride.  I will be using in on my hybrid for the foreseeable future.  It really is one of my favorite headcovers ever made.  The quality of CRU had already been proved to me by my last set, this now just shows off their creativity.   If you want have your pride in the USA inspired, check out this headcover.

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Quick Hits:
+Amazing design
+Pride in your headcover
+Excellent quality
+Superior durability