Cru Golf Custom Leather Headcovers

All they do is make awesome custom leather headcovers!

There are a number of different companies out there right now that make leather headcovers, but most have it as an accessory to their other projects or have a few stock choices that are limited to the colors/styles they offer.

Cru Golf on the other hand specializes exclusively in custom leather headcovers.  They don’t mess around with any other products, they just give their 100% dedication to making some of the best leather headcovers around, and it shows.

After a couple of emails back and forth and picture of my current/favorite golf bag, they designed and made custom leather headcovers to match my bag. 

 I typically play a driver, 3 wood and 1 hybrid.  The three covers came in matching black main leather, red numbers and accents with white piping.  When they arrived I was immediately impressed by their craftsmanship.  All the stitching was very straight and there were no loose threads.  It was as good as any I have ever seen. 

Before putting them on my clubs I looked at the design and was concerned that the driver headcover might be too slim to fit the 460cc head.  But it fit easily with room to spare.  While they might look thin, the sown-in elastic allows the cover to stretch easily to accommodate even the largest of drivers yet fit snug enough to not ever worry about them flying off as you are driving down the cart path.  The 3-wood and hybrid cover also accommodate any size head that you can put in them, yet have a nice fitted look in the bag.  All the covers go on and come off with ease.

I was hard pressed to find anything wrong with them or even a single thing to say that might keep someone from buying them, it just doesn’t exist.  They offer fully customizable leather headcovers in an endless number of leathers and patterns; you will have no problems designing something to your liking that matches your bag.  Maybe the only thing that someone might want that I don’t think they offer yet are custom logos, but give them time, they are a brand new company. 

So order a set soon, Cru Golf have a special offer going for the next couple days (month of January) on their website for reduced cover prices.  You will love your awesome custom leather headcovers.

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+Timeless leather headcovers
+Fully customizable designs
+Excellent quality and fit