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Cuater by TravisMathew offers shoes and gear that lines up with the Southern California style of TravisMathew.  They have a variety of models for on or off the course.  I’ve worn these 2 pairs of shoes for over a month.  The Moneymakers have seen the golf course for 5 rounds of golf and the Dailys have been to the office and date night multiple times.

 This is the definitive Cuater The Moneymaker and The Daily Golf Shoe Review for 2022.


Cuater is sub-brand of TravisMathew aimed at the apparel accessory market.  They make shoes, belts and gloves.  They rely on that same Southern California vibe as does TravisMathew.  They might not be top of your list as a shoe brand, but the same way that other brands make shoes and apparel; it is no surprise that these pair perfectly with TravisMathew apparel.  Cuater offers Golf spiked, spikeless and casual golf shoes.  This variety means you should be able to find whatever you like and whatever you need.  The Moneymaker is their newest spikeless shoe, while the Daily is a casual off course shoe.

The Moneymaker

The Cuater Moneymaker is stylish spikeless shoe which can be worn on or off the course. The sole uses a TPU spikeless bottom that kind of reminds me of turf shoes.  It has lots of “nubs” to grab the ground.  I’ve been very happy with the traction and comfort on the hard AZ turf.  They flex nicely and are soft enough for easy transition to concrete or indoors.  They are also very lightweight.  Not the lightest, but much lighter than most spikeless shoes.  This is the combination of the sole, the ultralight soft midsole and the waterproof but lightweight textile uppers.

The Moneymaker is an excellent golf shoe right out of the box.  They have comfort and flex from day 1.  I was really happy walking in them all day both on and off the course.  I didn’t feel the urge to take them off my feet once my round was done.  They breath enough that the heat didn’t phase them at all.  The textile can trap just a little dust and dirt after round, but they clean up pretty well, even after 5 rounds.  I can’t really say I though much about my shoes during my rounds of golf, which is a good thing.  That simply means they did their job flawlessly and comfortably. 

The Moneymaker by Cuater is one good looking shoe.  The style has the comfortable and casual vibe.  The performance says they came to compete.  The SweetSpot cushioning system allows you to wear them for long periods of time.  The Moneymaker comes in 6 different colors; all of which are a muted “cool” style.  You won’t have to worry about someone being blinded by your shoes.  You probably will however get a few compliments about nice they look.

The Daily

The Daily by Cuater are about as appropriately named as you can get.  These shoes are designed to be worn off the course (since they don’t have spikes of any kind).  They have the cool “beach” vibe which looks great with shorts or pants.  The real success is beyond the style, these shoes are comfortable.  While maybe not quite slipper comfortable, they have enough structure to hold up the rigors of walking. Depending on my day, sometimes I’m in an office chair for hours and other days I’m on my feet all 8 hours.  These shoes worked perfectly all day long.  They too have the SweetSpot Cushioning system which makes them very comfortable and lightweight for walking and standing. The Daily comes a variety of colors in Knit, Woven, Wool and Suede uppers.  Again they have that same muted Southern California vibe no matter which color or material you choose.


Cuater by TravisMathew makes some really great shoes for on or off the course.  The Moneymaker can be worn for both while The Daily is for off the course only; I was impressed by their comfort and performance.  The combination of lightweight, comfort and flexibility made them very popular this summer; especially paired with my TravisMathew apparel.  While may shoe brands have expanded into apparel, TravisMathew expanded into shoes and accessories with Cuater.  They offer great quality with excellent performance with the style and vibe you’d expect from this southern California brand.  If you are looking for something to wear both on and off the course, check out Cuater by TravisMathew.

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Cuater The Moneymaker and The Daily Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: TravisMathew makes stylish southern California inspired apparel. Cuater is their shoe and accessory sub-brand which has the same vibe and performance minded shoes.

  • ✅  Pros: Stylish, Cormfortable, Lightweight, Daily function, On/off the course options, Options.

  • ⛔  Cons: Textile can get dirty.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Cuater by TravisMathew might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of golf shoes, but give them a shot; they offer the comfort and style which made TravisMathew popular which excellent perforance to go with it.

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