Review: currexSole Golf Insoles

Consistent Connection to the Ground
We invest all kinds of time and energy into our clubs.  We make sure they are fit just right down to the last gram of swingweight.  But what about another very important aspect of the game, our feet?  Maybe we’ll invest in a really good pair of golf shoes, but do they put us in the right body position for swinging?  There are so many options out there right now with spiked, spikeless, street style, athletic style and zero drop, there might be  a big variety of shoes we wear on our feet.  currexSole offers insoles to get our feet set for golfing.
currexSole is similar to other orthopedic type inserts.  They offer support and cushion where needed and shaping to keep the foot in the right position for action.  They offer a number of different styles for different sports.  Their EdgePro insert is designed for sports that wear boots like skiing and snowboard, but work great for golf too.  It has all the features necessary to offer comfort and support for walking and swinging during a round of golf, making your shoes fit like a glove.  The similarity is in the stability during the swing, almost like a boot, but then comfortable to walk the course in.


Picking out the right insole was pretty easy.  currexSole offers 6 different insoles depending on the sport and 3 different fits, based on your foot shape.  Once they arrive, you just trim to fit your shoes and away you go.  They suggest breaking your feet in by taking it easy initially when you get them, since your foot might not be used to the new support.  Since I wore these insoles all the time no matter golfing or working, I didn’t really need to break in my feet for the new found support of the insoles since my day job has limited time on my feet.

I’m not really an insole insert guy nor do I wear orthodics in any of my shoes.  I did however find I liked these as replacement insoles in a number of my shoes.   I used them most in my Ecco Street Premier Shoes.  Originally they had a fairly flat shapeless insole.  I immediately felt the difference of support and comfort by switching out insoles.  The currexSole was much softer overall, but also felt like it was holding a foot shape instead of allowing it to spread out.  After walking 18 holes I was really happy with the comfort and support these offered. 

I moved the currexSoles into a couple of other shoes I own and noticed how every shoe started feeling the same as I walked along.  This is one of the main benefits I see from using an insole like this, especially one designed for activities like golf.  Everyone has different sensitivity levels for their feet.  I generally can wear just about any shoe (that fits) and it really doesn’t bother my feet, but I do believe if you have feet that ache regularly, currexSoles might just be the perfect solution.  An added bonus is their odor resistance is much better than a stock insole. Their EdgePro design is perfect for golf, offering consistent connection to the ground no matter what shoes you are wearing.

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Quick Hits
+Comfortable and supportive
+Creates similar feeling in any shoe
+Proper position for golfing
+Odor resistant

–Are they necessary?