Review: Custom Golfing Products - Bag-Tag, Pockages, and Wrist Skins

Gotta Support the Team!
There are many different ways to support your favorite team or brand.  You can get a jersey, wear a hat, match their colors, or you could even paint your face.  Custom Golfing Product offers 3 great products so that you can support your favorite team without being obnoxious about it.  The Bag-Tag, Pockages and Wrist Skins are all functional and useful products that allow you to support your favorite team or organization.  Being a life long fan of WI sports, Custom Golfing Products sent me WI Badgers gear.  I couldn’t be happier supporting the team using these 3 products.
In my mind the most innovative of the 3 is the Bag Tag.  It is basically a mini-banner that clips to your stand bag legs and folds when they are folded and stretches when they are deployed.  If you carry a stand bag, this is one of the easiest and most economical ways of showing your support.  It is so easy to install and will work on any stand bag.  I tried it on each bag I have at home and it worked on every one.  The Velcro straps are easy to install; in less than a minute you are ready to go.  You could get a couple of them and support different teams depending on the time of year.  While the banner might be the big attraction, the retractable club brus  is the part of the Bag-Tag that is really functional on the course.  It is a nice little brush that retracts into the banner and stretches out plenty far to clean any club in the bag.


This product is a useful and cool way to support your favorite organization, or you could get custom made ones for your golf team or group outing.  They have a pretty quick turn around time and really offer a great promotional product.  You can get it in 3 variation from the standard “Rush” model, the “Edge” model which includes a towel and pocket or the “Pulse” which is a junior version of it.

Another great product and similarly customizable is the Pockages.  This is a valuables pocket that can be attached to the outside of your bag by running a strap through the loops on the top of the Pockage.  It stays closed with a very strong Velcro so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out.  It is deep and durable so you can put a phone, wallet, tees, or whatever accessories you can imagine will fit.  It is water resistant so you can keep your valuables in it without worrying about them being damaged.

I found this really useful since I switch bags often and this way I can keep my go-to accessories together instead of having to dig through the bag looking for them as I’m getting ready to go.  It is another great accessory to support the team or cause.

The final product that came in WI  red and white with Bucky the Badger on it was the Wrist-Skin.  It is a silicone bracelet with 3 ball markers embedded in it.  It is really soft and stretchy.  It is comfortable to wear and again has great function on the course.  You always have a ball marker at your disposal.  The ball markers are nice sized, small enough to not get in people way when putting, but bright enough so you can find them when you need to place your ball.  Personally this product didn’t get too much use on the course, I simply don’t like anything on my wrist; not a watch, bracelet, nothing.  It is distracting to me during my swing.  The product is great and as comfortable as can be, just wasn’t for me.  Although, I do use the ball markers from it and keep them in the Pockage for use during my rounds.

You can paint your face or buy a really expensive custom bag to support your favorite team, or you can get some Custom Golfing Products that are both cool and functional.  I’m proud of where I’m from in WI, (even though I live in MN now) and I like showing my support for the Wisconsin Badgers.  I can do it without being obnoxious or over the top, but more than just supporting the team, these have a use for my golf game.  Products can be found for just about every major league and college team I could think of, so I think you “Gotta Support The Team”

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Quick Hits
+Excellent quality
+So many team choices
+On-course function

-No wristbands for me