Review: CYCL'd Golf Balls

Golf Balls That Help You Putt Better
It seems crazy to think that a dozen golf balls can make you putt the ball better.  Unless they have some sort of GPS guided system that causes them to find the hole in spite of your putting then maybe we are on to something, but golf balls are golf balls when it comes to putting.  So how can CYCL’d golf balls make your putting better?  The box turns into a putting training aid.
Everyone goes through numerous golf balls during the season and most golf balls are sold in cardboard boxes that get thrown away or left in the golf cart.  CYCL’d golf came up with an ingenious way to fold their box into a putting training aid.  It is “green” and it helps your game; everyone wins.  Plus the golf balls are recycled so even what fills the package is a re-purposed product.

CYCL’d boxes make a really great training aid.  The simplicity of the design is what makes it useful.  It transforms with just 3 folds into a slanted/elevated “cup”.  It is about half the size of a standard cup to help you focus on the center for more accurate putting.  The “raised” feature teaches you distance control; too fast and it becomes a launch ramp or too slow and the ball doesn’t rise to the occasion.
While the main focus of the CYCL’d Golf Balls is the packaging, let’s not forget you do get a dozen golf balls too.  They currently offer 2 levels of balls; the Proline and the Value brands.  Both are recycled balls that are of a high quality are far as free of scuffs and marks.  The downside is that even the Proline balls are only DT solos or E6s or some mixture of other lower tier, professional golf balls.  The Value brand balls are some version of TopFlite like balls.  I hope they are able to add a premium line to offer urethane covered golf balls too.

CYCL’d Golf Balls are a really solid idea.  The box that turns into a putting aid works, the included sheet with extra putting tips is helpful and a dozen golf balls are never wasted either.  It is still possible that after ordering a couple dozen the packaging will still end up in the trash but you could have a bunch of boxes all around the house and even at the office to practice the most important part of your game for lowering scores.  You can actually buy golf balls that will help you putt better.

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Quick Hits
+Easy folds for quick putting aid
+Putting aid and tips help
+”Green” packaging and recycled golf balls
+Inexpensive balls and training aid in one

–No premium golf balls.