deWiz Swing Modifier Training Aid Review

Real Vs. Feel


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

I used the deWiz Training Aid for 3 months at home and at work.  It offers instant feedback and impacts long term memory.  While it is the off-season here in MN, it has been the perfect swing training aid to prepare me for a great 2022.

This is the definitive deWiz Swing Modifier Training Aid Review for 2022.


We hear this all the time when we talk about the golf swing. What really happened versus what we felt happened. Launch monitors have made lessons/practice and fitting equipment much easier now to comprehend because they can show you what happened to the ball or with the club during a moment of the swing. However, the data gained from a launch monitor is still tied largely to the moment of impact and not exactly what led up to that moment. Enter deWiz! The World’s First Biofeedback Golf Swing Modifier.


How many times have we heard “practice with a purpose”? This can be challenging when you don’t have the feedback to modify a part of your swing. deWiz is the result of 5 years of research, testing and development with professional golf ambassadors that includes: Bryson Dechambeau – Annika Sorenstam – Henrik Stenson – Lydia Ko. The #1 comment heard from the testimonials is – Instant Feedback. The days of trying to self diagnose a swing that you can’t see in motion are gone. The deWiz internal motion sensor chip uses an advanced algorithm to analyze movement in three dimensions, with a 2-millisecond response time. It generates a 3D image of your swing and displays it in the app. 

Getting the deWiz ready and working is pretty easy. Download the app and follow the instructions on linking the bluetooth watch sensor. 

Get to work – deWiz has several different Mode options to explore 

  1. Get started – Teaches you how to use the deWiz 
  2. Discovery – You learn about your numbers 
  3. Practice & Learn – Making swings with feedback 
  4. Challenge – Game mode to score points or play against friends

Biofeedback – Learning Stimuli 

How do we know what is real vs feel? The Biofeedback mechanism for deWiz is like a “shock collar” on your wrist for the golf swing. Let’s set one thing straight for the Learning Stimuli on the deWiz – you do not have to use the Learning Stimuli to make this tool effective. There is an extensive process you will need to complete even to access the Learning Stimuli before using it. You have complete control over the level of the shock, if any, when you use this feature. Personally, I used the deWiz with the Learning Stimuli turned off.

Practice & Learning 

The true advantage of the deWiz is getting instant feedback in your practice. What I loved the most from the data was seeing the real numbers about my swing. I used to practice how long my swing would go back, now I know exactly how far it goes and so much more. One thing I never got from a launch monitor is how fast my hands were moving during the swing. If you want to increase club head speed, you have to get the hands moving faster. With the deWiz, not only did I get my max hand speed numbers, but how far away from impact that speed was.


Golfers and instructors alike have been trying to find a way to capture the Real vs Feel swing information to improve a golf swing and make practice more efficient. With the deWiz, you can not only feel what you are doing in the swing, but you can see what you really did. Technology has met up with golf to produce the world’s first biofeedback swing modifier for real-time data. 

For more information:

deWiz Training Aid – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: deWiz Swing Modifier Training Aid is used by some of the biggest names in golf. It is a simple tool yet highly technical and incredibly helpful for creating swing changes.

  • ✅  Pros: Super Easy Set Up, Very Accurate Real vs Feel Data, Training and Practice Options for Any Golfer, Developed by Experts - Tested by Pros

  • ⛔  Cons: Learning stimuli might be too much for some.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you really want to change your swing, this is is the best swing modifier you can buy.


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