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Review: DST Compressor 8-iron

A Bent Shaft for Better Ball Striking

“Dude, your 8-iron is bent.”  or  “Did you hit a bad shot with this one and take it to a tree.” or “How in the world do you hit this club?” or “Why?”  All questions that came up during practice sessions with the DST Compressor 8-iron.  When it first arrived I was kind of confused by the looks too.  How can a curved shaft help me hit my clubs that have straight shafts?  After a month with this club and multiple range sessions, I have to admit my irons play has gotten better.  Isn’t that all we are looking for from any “training aid”?  The bent shaft works for better ball striking.

There are 2 key elements to the DST Compressor; The curved shaft and the HPAM ( Hand Position Alignment Marker).  Obviously the shaft is the biggest discussion point because it is the most obvious.  It is modeled after photos of the impact position of some of the best golfers in history.  Hands forward, curved shaft and great ball compression.  It is a very stiff stepless steel shaft made sole for DST’s Compressor clubs.  It does flex some, but because of its curve, it replicated impact position at address and still works during the swing for proper feel.

The HPAM is the other key component.  It is a vertical line on the hosel for lining up the club face and hand at impact.  If you keep that line parallel with the leading edge and  vertical to the ground, your hands are going to be pressed forward toward your left knee.  It feels and looks odd at first, but is designed to start you at impact position so that you end there too.

So how does it work?  I saw two very different results when working with this club.  1st.  It works muscle memory in the most simple fashion:  Line up, swing, repeat over and over until you get proper ball flight.   Put your normal clubs in your hands and your ball striking should improved.  2nd.  It frustrates the user since there aren’t enough detailed instructions that really help teach you what to do if your aren’t improving or figuring out how to swing it properly.  I’ve read DST’s instructions and watched their online videos and I still find of clueless how to really improve my use of the Compressor.  It seems all the information goes on and on about the theory of how it works, but not actually how to use it. 

But does it work?  YES, my ball striking did get better, even if I wasn’t sure what I was doing or how to improve the use of the DST Compressor 8-iron.  At the end of the day, that is really all the matters; hitting the ball better and more accurate.  Good compression leads to clean strikes and accurate shots.  My scores have been, on average, the lowest I’ve ever shot.  Just going to the range is a big part of that, but making better use of the range with the DST Compressor is part of it too.  I’m not even sure I agree with all the bio-mechanics of DST, but I certainly agree with the results of my swing.  Check out the DST compressor if you are looking to improve your iron game.  This bent shaft club leads to better ball striking.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to figure out
+Simple use
+Visual ball flight results

–Poor instructions

Q & A Interview with Bertie Cordle CEO of DST Golf

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