Review: Dunning Golf Apparel

Style, Comfort and Performance
The Golf apparel industry is becoming a crowded market with everyone trying to stand out from their competitors. Some companies use bright colors, others use wild patterns, others claim cutting edge technologies and still others focus on a specific style. Dunning Golf apparel doesn’t necessarily do something wild or innovative, instead they produce an excellent product in terms of style, comfort and performance. They blend all the aspects of great golf apparel into each piece they create. From head to toe, they offer a complete, classic style that is very comfortable and offers great performance.
At first glance their line of apparel is similar to others, a number of basic colors, some stripes here and there with a simple understated logo.  This all means you are not a walking billboard, but a well dressed golfer in good fitting and nice looking clothes.  I appreciated the not tight, but not loose sizing they use.  I like my golf clothes to have a slightly tailored look without being “euro” tight.  At the same time I’m not after the “athletic” look that other companies have promoted, it just tends to look sloppy.  Dunning Golf apparel is sized just right.  I wear a M in many brands and the Dunning M is a perfect fit.  In pants I typically wear a 34 x 30 and the corresponding Dunning size was perfect.
My favorite piece from the apparel package I received has to be the pants.  I sometimes have trouble finding good fitting pants.  They are either too tight in the upper legs, too long in the inseam or look sloppy by being too loose fitting.  The Dunning performance pants are a stretch material that looks as good as a dress pair of pants.  They hold their shape and creases very well.  A good pair of dress pants will maintain what looks like an iron crease right down the front of the leg, even after washing.  The Dunning pants do that.  They also have a notch at the top of the back of the pants which also is nice when wearing a belt.  There is no bunching right at the base of your spine.  The stretch of the material is significant enough to make them really comfortable for playing golf or everyday use.  The pockets are really deep and the belt loops are plenty tall to accommodate my wide belts.
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The 3 different polos I received all fit great with their own unique style.  They all offer great fit and style.  A unique feature is the slightly longer tail of the shirt compared to the front.  This keeps it tucked in while swinging even if you can’t see the back of your shirt.

The Heritage cotton green polo is a really nice blend of pima cotton, polyester and lycra which allows it to breath and stretch, while be extremely comfortable and durable.  It is lightweight enough to wear on really hot days and is very soft to the touch.

The Stretch Jersey halo polo is mostly tech polyester with a blend of spandex, which offer a more tech material feel and perfromances as well as the durability of polyester.  The blend of spandex allows it to have that good slimmer cut which looks nice, but still allows plenty of movement.

The Single Stripe stretch pique black and horizon polo add just a hint of pink flare to the basic polo.  It also has the pink lining the inside of the collar which adds to the style.  It has the same performance and fit of the other polos with just a little more flare.

Another piece that I found to be really useful this spring was the Tour Edition stripe 1/4 zip pullover.  It is on the thinner side of pullover, but still offered additional warmth without being bulky.  That is always the danger with any pullover is impeding the swing.  This one however is done just right.  With its tech polyester and higher spandex blend it stretches even more for a good slim fit yet more than enough flex.  The toggle bungee at the bottom hem also is nice for getting just the right fit and not looking like your wearing a bag.

While Dunning isn’t going to wow you with patterns, colors, or big obnoxious logos, instead they offer style, comfort and performance both on and off the course.

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Quick Hits
+Simple and classic style
+Variety of materials, both natural and tech
+Excellent fit and cut
+Wide range of colors and fabrics
+The pants are top notch
+Comfortable on or off the course

–Not going to stand out in a crowd