Review: ECCO BIOM 2 Hybrid Shoes

It’s the little things that make them so good.

ECCO does things a little differently than many of their US competitors.  Instead of a complete line-up change each year, they will often tweak what they have and even keep a shoe for season after season if it is successful.  The ECCO BIOM 2 Hybrid is one of those tweaks/combinations that works really well.  It takes the Street platform and combines it with the BIOM line for great comfort, good style and function.

ECCO makes one of the best spikeless shoes when it comes to on and off the course walking and traction.  Their new “split” sole traction bars create a great base that grips the course exceptionally well no matter the conditions.  The new twist for these shoes is the vertical split in the sole for great swing traction and flex so that your shoe works better with your feet’s natural motion.  While their 800 points of contact are great on the course, off the course there is no indication that you are wearing golf shoes. Like many ECCO shoes I’ve owned these are water-resistant.  They are yak leather treated with a HydroMax for stain and water resistance, but they are not “mudders”.  If you are going to play in rain, I’d look at a different shoe, but if you want to play dew-sweeper rounds or even if you’d get caught in a light rain you are fine. I wish I was lucky enough to receive these in my monthly golf apparel subscription box, if you are interested in something like that check out our thoughts here: Short Par 4 Reviews
I’ve really appreciated the change  in ECCO from my first pair I’ve tried to these, because I can wear them now for 18 holes right out of the box with no issues and 100% comfort.  The heel area is now much softer and more flexible.  Another change in the comfort of the new ECCO BIOM 2 hybrid shoes is the better overall fit.  They call it a more anatomical shape.  They say they’ve scanned thousands of feet and have created a better shape.  I’d have to agree, the new shape is just better.  It isn’t sloppy, but seems to have just a little more wiggle room in the toes and especially thought the middle of the foot, yet enough squeeze to feel good during the swing. The BIOM cushion is the real deal.  I’ve had other ECCO and the softness of these is even better.  The reduction of fatigue on the sole of my feet has really been appreciate during rounds, especially as we get into the dryer summer rounds on the hard ground.
The style of the ECCO BIOM 2 Hybrid shoes is spot on as well.  Just enough hints of color to make them pop, but nothing over the top that would make them clash with a variety of apparel choices.  Their Euro sizing isn’t always the easiest to figure out, but once you get your size, it holds true model to model.  My size 42 was a good fit again. A most interesting feature is the silicone patterns on the insole.  They are there to keep you foot and sock from sliding around while your wearing the shoes decreasing blister potential.  It works like they intended, but when you put them on and slide you foot into the shoe, those silicone patterns sometimes grabs the bottoms of my Kentwool socks and causes them to slide a little bit on my foot, almost to the point they kind of bunch up at my heel.  A little toe wiggle and sock adjustment fix it, but it does happen.  Thinner and smoother socks have less issues, but I rarely wear anything other than Kentwools.
It’s the little details that make these ECCO BIOM 2 Hybrids so good.  The improvements are nice and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  I can put them on in the morning, no matter what I’m doing and don’t really rush to take them off when I get home.  I can get in 18 holes walking and still have plenty of comfort and style left over.  ECCO makes some of my favorite shoes, and these are one of their best. For more information: Quick Hits: +18 hole out of the box comfort +Great spikeless grip +On or off the course style +BIOM cushion is really nice +Silicone pattern helps hold sock and foot in place +Wider yet snug enough –Silicone pattern catches Kentwool socks.