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I wore the ECCO BIOM G3 shoes for 4 rounds of golf.  ECCO has been a go to shoe for me over the last 10 years.  While many of my favorites are their spikeless shoes, the BIOM G3 cleated shoes offer all the comfort of BIOM with the added traction of cleats.    

This is the definitive ECCO BIOM G3 Shoe Review for 2021.

ECCO BIOM G3 Golf Shoes Review-min

ECCO and Spikeless are synonymous in my mind.  While I know that for years ECCO has made cleated golf shoes, their spikeless models took the golf world by storm over 10 years ago.  The BIOM line was born out of research in the natural motion of feet while walking and playing golf.  I wear them regularly because of their comfort and stability.  The BIOM G3 is the cleated version in this great line of shoes.  If you like ECCO BIOM, but want dedicated golf shoes with the added traction of cleats, then these are for you.

As I already mentioned above, it is hard to beat the BIOM line of ECCO shoes when it comes to comfort and support.  The combination that ECCO created in this model year after year continues to impress.  The shoes fit very well right out of the box.  Walking in them is as comfortable as the first step as is the 10,000 steps of your round.  The soft leather uppers combined with GORE-TEX makes them both comfortable and waterproof.  They breathe some so that your feet don’t overheat, but yet repel everything during a round; rain, water, mud, etc.

The big change in the ECCO BIOM G3 shoes is the sole.  It is very lightweight and has 8 Champ Zarma spikes.  The cleats and sole give this shoe a fairly tall profile off the ground.  While this isn’t an issue that you need to buy longer clubs or something extreme, but if you swap out different kinds of golf shoes you wear, these will be taller off the ground than a low profile spikeless shoe.  While I’m talking just centimeters of difference, you probably understand that your golf swing is a repeated act that the more precise it is, the better it is, making even that little bit potentially noticeable. 

The ECCO BIOM G3 Shoes have traction.  This clearly is a point of emphasis with these shoes.  The spikeless BIOM versions have plenty of traction for my needs, but if you like to swing out of your shoes, these will lock you to the ground.   These offer the most traction of any shoe you can buy.  I know tour guys and aggressive swingers prefer spikes so I can see that demand for these which ECCO is supplying.  The other side benefit of having a cleated shoe is that you won’t be wearing them out on a daily basis wearing them around the office or out and about, these are dedicated golf shoes.  I know I wear out some of my spikeless shoes much sooner than they should because I wear them to and from the course and everywhere in between.

Sizing on ECCO remains the same year after year.  For me they run a touch big.  I’d typically wear a US size 9.5 and a Euro size 43, but in Ecco I wear a 42 which translates to 8.5.  They aren’t really wide or narrow, but pretty much a middle ground that is very comfortable.  These come in a few color options, white, black, and magnet (dark grey).  I have the black pair which have some hints of orange on them to give just a hint of pop and color.


ECCO BIOM G3 Golf shoes offer everything you want in the BIOM line with the added traction of cleats.  If you have worn ECCOs before, but wanted a little more on-course grip, this might be the perfect model.  BIOM comfort, GORE-TEX weather proofing and Fluidform technology along with Zarma spikes make these easy for walking, lock down to the turf grip and natural comfort for every flex of your foot.

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  • ℹ️  About: ECCO BIOM G3 are a cleated version of a very comfortable, stable and waterproof shoe.

  • ✅  Pros: Out of the box comfort, Super traction, Waterproof, Excellent fit, Stable.

  • ⛔  Cons: Cleats mean golf use only, Tall.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you like ECCO BIOM, but want even more traction, the G3s are the perfect shoe.


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