ECCO Got Everything Right in This Sequel
I’ve been wearing ECCO shoes for almost 8 years now. The Original Street golf shoe that put them on the map is still one of the best shoes they have ever produced. I’ve always appreciated their design, their durability and their spikeless comfort. The new ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 Shoe w/BOA is their best yet. They took everything we loved from their previous models and got everything right in this sequel. Sometimes when you get to the 3rd model of something they take it too far or miss the mark of what we liked in the original. Not with ECCO, they got everything right in the BIOM Hybrid 3. These are so good, I actually pick out my clothes so that I can wear these shoes.
ECCO has long been a leader in spikeless golf shoes.  The street treads that started it all, have been around now for almost a decade.  There is a reason they have lasted so long.  ECCO’s new sole for the BIOM Hybrid 3 is even better than the original.  The new “wavy” sole or Tri-Fi-Grip as they call it is more flexible, more comfortable and grips even better for golf.  The new tread pattern functions very nicely off the course with a less “flat” feeling when walking, yet really digs in on the turf with the variety of depths and angles.  I could see this being their next sole technology that lasts for the next decade.
The ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 uppers are yak leather which if you haven’t heard, is the softest leather you can use in a shoe.  It has a much better feel and flexibility than traditional leather.  This feature makes the uppers immediately comfortable right out of the box.  I like not having to break a pair of shoes in but also feeling like these shoes wrap my feet with soft supple leather.  The uppers also have Gore-Tex technology so you know that they will keep your feet dry.  While my testing of that has been limited in the AZ desert, it does serve as a dust and dirt barrier too, so that you can wipe them clean no matter what gets on them.
I’m a huge fan of BOA.  Yes, I can tie my shoes and it isn’t that big of deal, but the simple dial for tightening and loosening the stainless steel laces is really nice.  You can dial in the fit exactly how you want and distribute pressure evenly across the top of you foot.  If you don’t like how you initially dialed them in, you can give it a couple clicks for a more snug fit, or your can pop the dial and start over.  It only takes a split second to get the perfect fit.  I love that BOA is offered as an option in the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 Shoe.
ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 shoes are also extremely comfortable to walk in.  The BIOM insole/midsole is that blend of soft yet firm for comfortable support.  It is designed to work with the natural motion of your foot.  They are also designed in way for wider or narrower feet.  You can remove the insole if you want a wider fit because the inner “insole” is finished to be worn without the insole.  The heel cup is other area that is always key to comfort and ECCO has a nice tall and padded area around the achilles so that there was no rubbing.  They wrapped that area with some heathered padding that gives these just a touch of style too.

ECCO continues to deliver comfortable and functional shoes.  The ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 Shoes w/BOA are their best yet.  They hit every detail I am looking for in a golf shoe.  The uppers are super comfortable, the BIOM support and flexiblity feels natural while walking, the new Tri-Fi-Grip sole is the real deal.  Add some Gore-Tex waterproofing and you have a comfortable and confident shoe for on or off the course.  BOA just seals the deal on these awesome shoes.  These are the complete package.  If you need a new pair of shoes, golf or non-golf, give these a look.  ECCO delivered big time with this sequel; they got everything right.

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Quick Hits:
+Super comfortable Yak leather
+Tri-Fi-Grip sole functions for traction and walking
+Gore-Tex waterproof
+BOA laces are awesome
+Comfort right out of the box
+Wide or narrow insoles

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