Review: ECCO Cage Shoes

More Support with Less Weight
Golfers have many different needs when it comes to golf shoes. Some want slipper like shoes that are soft and flexible, while others went “running” shoes with ample cushion and other yet want something super stable with lots of support. So often when shoes fall into one category or the other, they tend to lack some of the good qualities found in a different style. ECCO found a way to make one of the most supportive, stable shoes I’ve ever worn, yet kept it lightweight and flexible.
To me ECCO is known for their spikeless golf shoes.  From the introduction of the Street shoes until now, they have been one of the best spikeless brands.  The new Cage shoes have spikes which isn’t new to ECCO, just new to me.  I’ve been a big fan of spikeless golf shoes, especially ECCOs, but from time to time have found myself slipping in extreme conditions or way over-swinging.  Having a pair of spikes to wear isn’t a bad thing.  ECCO used a thin Champ spike so that you still feel close to the ground in these shoes.
The “Cage” is the real story of these shoes.  It starts in the back of the shoe wrapped around the heel and extends under the entire footbed and then even a little around the toe area.  It is basically a plastic cage around the entire sole of your foot.  It is designed for ultimate stability, yet because of it’s skeleton like make up it is very light and has pretty good flexibility.  ECCO says it was created to move with the natural motion of your feet.
The uppers of the ECCO Cage shoes are what you expect from them, super soft, supple leather that fits very nicely.  It is treated with HYDROMAX so that you get some weather protection.  It’s not going to keep your feet dry while walking through puddles, but if you have a dew sweeper round or run into some moderate weather during your round, your feet will be just fine.  I also think this treatment help keeping them clean from dust and dirt; just wipe them off to keep them looking fresh.
Right out of the box you can tell that theECCO Cage shoes are a little stiffer than their spikeless shoes.  The “cage” isn’t as flexible.  It makes sense for stability purposes, but be aware that while these are really comfortable right out of the box, they are a little stiff and take a couple rounds to break in the flex-points of the “cage”.
ECCO Cage is a shoe that offers great support, a nice fit and is lightweight.  It does become flexible after couple round and then really fits like a glove.  They aren’t clunky or heavy like many shoes that offer this kind of support.  They have support, grip and flexibility in a nice looking lightweight shoe.

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Quick Hits
+Super Supportive
+Great spiked grip
+Flexible uppers
+HYDROMAX water repellant

–Couple rounds to break in