Review: ECCO Street EVO One Golf Shoes

The EVOlution of ECCO Street Golf Shoes
4 years ago ECCO took the golf world by storm when Freddie Couples wore their Street shoes on the course.  The spikeless casual golf shoe has since had a huge following and has become incredibly popular on and off the course.  Since that first model, the street shoe has gone through an EVOlution.  While I still wear my original pair of Street shoes, the new EVO one shoes are the biggest improvement yet.  I really like the BIOM Zero shoes with the spikeless soles, but those “barefoot” shoes aren’t for everyone.  There is also the BIOM line which relies on the cushion they provide.  The new EVO one street shoes maintain more of the street style and function while adding some comfortable features.
My biggest gripe against ECCO was the fact that they never seemed perfect right out of the box.  I couldn’t wear them 18 holes without breaking them in first.  I always had issues with heel blisters.  The shoe would somehow rub just enough on my heel to make them uncomfortable after about 12 holes.   The EVO one shoes didn’t have that.  There looks to be a little more cushion in the heel area as well as a slightly different shape of the back of the shoe, means I went from the box to the course and didn’t have a single blister after my round.  I even wore them to the Mall of America for a day of shopping, (which is just as hard on your feet as golf) and not a single blister either.
Another area of improvement with the EVO one streets is the width of the main foot bed.  They are wider than previous shoes.  While ECCO doesn’t offer widths, this will open it up to a few more golfers with slightly wider feet.  Even if you have a regular width or a narrow foot, that extra width doesn’t feel sloppy, just more space for your toes to spread out. 

I think the style is obviously going to be a personal taste, but these are a little more sporty compared the regular streets and way more sporty compared to the Tour hybrids, yet I think they look great on or off the course.  They come in a variety of colors, white, black and brown with bright color accents.  They are treated with HydroMax water repellant technology which isn’t a full 2 year guarantee, but it will repel sufficient water so that your feet stay dry under normal conditions.

The “spikeless” traction works like all the other ECCO shoes.  In extreme conditions you maybe would want spikes, but for 99% of your rounds these will grip the ground just fine.  The new sole is split into 2 sections instead of 1 solid sole.  I think that is part of what makes them more comfortable for walking.  It also allows for just a little more twisting/flexing and thus a little more contact to the ground during the swing with these soles. 

They still use the European sizing as their main numbers.  While those do have an American equivalent, I’ve found them to run just a hair big, meaning I wear a size 42 ECCO instead of a 43 which should be my size based on the comparison.  But from model to model I’m happy that size 42 always fits just right.

I’m really impressed by the ECCO street EVO one golf shoes.  I think this EVOlution of their street shoes is the best so far.  It offers everything a golfer is looking for in a shoe that can be worn on or off the course; excellent out of the box comfort, causal style, better design and plenty of golf traction. 

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Quick Hits:
+Out of the box comfort
+Wider footbed
+Better heel design
+On/off the course spikeless sole
+Casual style looks good with pants or shorts
+-HyrdoMax offers more water repellent protection

-Not 100% waterproof
-No widths