REVIEW: ECCO Street Retro Shoes

10 Years and Still the Undisputed Spikeless Champion
I don’t have any sales records to prove it, but from a movement standpoint, ECCO Street shoes changed the golf world. When Fred Couples wore them at the Masters, suddenly everyone needed a pair, and other shoe manufactures needed to copy them as quickly as possible. My first pair of ECCO Street shoes finally wore out so I needed the perfect replacement, the same shoe with just a couple updated materials. The ECCO Street Retro are a great remake shoe of the golf shoe that really put ECCO on the map and has kept it there ever since.
The ECCO Street Retro Shoe has always been about the outsole,  Going from the firm, formed spike soles to a flexible spikeless outsole was a big change only 10 years ago.  There had been version of “turf” shoes prior to this, but none were designed with the “E-DTS® traction system that consists of approximately 100 TPU traction bars boasting 800 traction angles.”    Those TPU traction bars allow the sole to flex and grip while feeling flat while walking on hard surfaces.  It takes a golf shoe and allows it to be an everyday shoe.  The rubber compound used is also firmer than most so that it doesn’t wear down as fast when wearing them off the course.   In general they over a much smoother walk than spiked shoes do.
The ECCO Street Retro Shoe is a style that broke the mold of saddle shoes.  They look like skateboard shoes, hence the name “Street”.  That style also allowed them to be extremely comfortable right out of the box.  I remember all the years of traditional golf shoes and having to break them in and endure blisters for a round or two until they were broken in.  The ECCO Street Retro is first hole comfort and still no blisters after 18 holes.  The ECCO leather is exceptionally soft and comfortable so that your shoes don’t pinch or hurt your feet anywhere.  It is also very durable as I mentioned my original Street shoes lasted a long time.  Treated with HYDROMAX repelent they work well in damp conditions too; not rain necessarily, but dewy grass they are fine keeping your feet dry.
In addition to the materials, the shape of the ECCO Street Retro is conducive to walking with a wider toe box.  This allows your feet to spread out and feel natural.  Even with this large toe box, these shoes never feel sloppy.  They can be laced up fairly tight for a snug fit without pinching or rubbing.  The improved midsole is “ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Technology and anatomical last follow the natural curves of the foot for long-lasting, lightweight cushioning”.  This makes them even more comfortable than the originals.

The ECCO Street Retro is the undisputed champion of spikeless golf shoes.  I appreciate the anniversary edition which didn’t stray to far from the original.  They are still one of the best on/off the course shoes you can buy.  They style great with just about any golf apparel and are great for casual days in the office or out on the town (which I know are few and far between with COVID-19).  If over the last 10 years you haven’t tried and ECCO Street golf shoe, you really need to give them a try, they started a revolution.  I appreciate that I can wear these every day on or off the course.  Congrats ECCO on 10 years and cheers to the future!

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Quick Hits:
+Still great style
+Excellent traction
+Function on or off the course
+Out of the box comfort
+Special Anniversary Edition