Review: Energy Golf Apparel

Turning Negative into Positive
It would be great if a golfer could take all their negative thoughts, all their lack of energy, all their problems and turn them into something positive.  Negative ions are said to help turn those things around into something good for your game.  The more negative ions, the more positive the results.  (or so they say)
Energy Athletic claims to have the greatest concentration of negative ions of any golf shirt available.  They have independent scientific data that proves there are more ions in their shirt.
Their main goal is to offer the golfer more energy at the end of the round.  The negative ions put off from the shirt should help you maintain a higher energy level at the end of 18 holes.
Here is a little of what they say about their shirt:

Energy Athletic Ionized Golf shirts, powered by IonX, have been designed and manufactured to be the best golf shirts you have ever worn. The Energy  Athletic golf shirt is not only beautiful, it feels incredibly comfortable.

The impeccable fabric in these golf shirts is made from a wrinkle resistant, 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex blend
with odor preventing, anti-microbial properties as well as moisture wicking which helps keep you cool.

The unique advantage of Energy Athletic golf shirts is the exclusive IonX Ionized treatment that embeds negative ions into the structure of the fabric during manufacturing giving you increased power.

In fact, a study conducted on 12 rugby players to test “discrete physiological parameters associated with rugby” has shown a measurable increase in average power when wearing IonX during repetitive, short duration, high intensity exercise, very similar to movements used throughout the golf swing.

While that sounds like a lot of techno mumbo-jumbo concerning this shirt, what happens wearing it on the course?  I can’t really say I noticed any extra energy at the end of my rounds.  While there might be science to say there are more negative ions in this shirt than any other shirt out there, I can not personally tell any difference wearing this shirt compared to any other shirt in terms of energy.  I tried to track some stats and tried to be more aware of my energy levels and mind set, and about the only noticeable stat that stood out, was really good putting.  I was under 30 putts every time I wore this shirt.  I regularly float around 30 putts, but was under 30 putts on every round with this shirt.  So you can take that for what it is.  Maybe the ions made me calm, maybe it was a fluke, but less putts, meant lower scores.

So whether you buy into the negative ion energy or not, this is a quality shirt even without the ions.  The dry-fit fabric is really a nice weight, not super thin, but not thick either.  The angled pinstripe threads look really nice too.  The simple energy bolt on the collar along with the Energy logo on the sleeve are noticeable but not obnoxious.  The overall fit is really good too.  It has a slightly tailored fit, without being tight.  The shoulder fit where they should and the sizing it spot on.  I wear a M and this one fit just right.  They offer a good number of basic colors.

So if you buy into the negative ions, then this is the shirt for you, if you don’t, this shirt is still a very nice comfortable high quality shirt.  The biggest benefit I found was one the green, so maybe this shirt could cure the yips or calm your mind to drop a few more in the hole.

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Quick Hits
+High quality shirt
+Simple and nice looking
+Had less putts with this shirt on

–Little noticeable ion effects on energy
–Limited styles