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Best Darn Roll You Can Put on a Ball

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This is my official review of the Evnroll ER2 Putter after 5 rounds of having this putter in the bag.

Here are my initial thoughts on the ER2 as well as my performance with it and how it compares to other options in the market!

  • ℹ️  About Evnroll focused primarily on face groove technology. These grooves create a consistent roll no matter where you hit it on the face.

  • ✅  Pros Most consistent roll from any putter with great solid feel and looks.

  • ⛔  Cons ..

  • ⛳  Verdict One thing is certain, the Evnroll ER2 putter puts the best darn roll on the ball period. I was really happy with the results and I made putts for lower scores.

Putting might be the easiest and most frustrating part about golf.  It is so easy that any 2-year old can grab a flat stick and roll the ball towards the hole, yet a professional can spend countless hours practicing and still miss a 2-footer to win a tournament.  While most of us  are somewhere in between, the level of frustration that comes with putting is very real.  The combination of alignment, speed and break that must be factored into each putt can be mind boggling.  Then having a putter do what you want it to do is another.  The new Evnroll putters will give you the most consistent roll you can put on the ball, which at least takes one variable out of the equation.

You might know the name Guerin Rife from the putter company Rife Putters that he created in 2000 and became famous for the 2-bar putter.  Upon selling that company a few years ago, he sold those naming rights with it.  His new company Evnroll started a year ago and focused primarily on face groove technology.  If you look really close at these face grooves you will see that they are not just straight grooves, but that they have wider gaps in the middle of the face and tapper near the edges.  The purpose for these grooves is to create a consistent roll no matter where you hit it on the grooves; thus the name Evnroll.

Evnroll started out with 4 models, ER1, ER2, ER5, and ER6; 2 “blade” models and 2 “mallet” models.  They all have double bend shafts and come in different weights depending on the length.  I went with the ER2 at 34″.   It fits my eye nicely with the slightly shorter heel to toe length and slightly deeper front to back dimensions.  The 370 grams head balances nicely with the large custom Winn ProX 1.18 grip which has 30 grams of counterweight under it.  This is a well crafted putter with very refined looks.  The stainless steel head gives a nice solid “click” on the ball at impact.  The unique alignment dots combined with the line on the flange makes it easy to line up; especially because it has a slightly deeper flange.  It has 15* of toe hang which is a nice fit for a slight arch stroke.

So the question of all putter technology is it a gimmick or legit?  Evnroll grooves are the real deal; they put the best roll on the ball.  I dropped 3 balls on the putting green and worked my way around from location to location for practice and testing and the results were unbelievable.  The balls stopped at virtually the same spot on almost every putt.  While I know that some of that has to do with a consistent stroke, but no other putter has done that for me.  To be sure it wasn’t a fluke I grabbed another putter I had in the bag and tried to replicate the results and couldn’t do it.  While not every ball went in the hole, their proximity to one another was the closest of any putter I’ve ever putted with.  They just ended up in the same spot, putt after putt. The Evnroll putter simply puts the best damn roll on the ball, period.

Theoretically the Evnroll putter should make more putts than any other putter on the market, because it is more consistent.  I thought maybe I’d have more 1 putts than ever before; my expectation were way high after practicing with it.  I think that I expected to have like 18 putts or some crazy stat like that. I typically hit about 32 putts per round and hit 30 putts on average with the Evnroll ER2 in the bag.  2 less putts per round is very respectable for 5 rounds of having this in the bag.  I think that with a little more practice and playing time, I might be able to turn that into even a couple less putts.


The Evnroll ER2 putter in the bag saved me 2 strokes on the greens during my rounds. I have no doubt that this putter puts the best roll on the ball period.  I was really happy with the results and think that the more this putter is in the bag, the more that the consistency will show itself in more made putts and lower scores.  The one thing that is certain, Evnroll putters put the best darn roll on the ball period.

Check the price on Amazon here

For more information: www.evnroll.com

Quick Hits

➕ Most consistent roll
➕ Incredible dispersion
➕ Great solid feel
➕ Easy alignment
➕ Refined looks
➕ Less putts


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