Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter Review

The SweetFace Insert Gets Paired with Weights and a Classic Shape

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Evnroll Neo Classic Putter

The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter puts the most consistent roll on the golf ball.  This putter rolled putts for 5 rounds of golf this spring and I was reminded about how legit the face tech is that Guerin Rife invented for putters.  The grooves get it done with consistency, now paired with weights and a classic head shape. 

This is my official Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter Review for 2024.

Evnroll Neo Classic Putter

Guerin Rife Knows Putters

There are different grips, different strokes and different motions making putting unique to every golfer.  While there are some tried and true techniques, it is a basic equation: Roll the ball into the hole! Guerin Rife has built the Evnroll putters around the Sweetface groove technology that puts the best roll on the golf ball.  The Neo Classic series offers an aluminum/polymer insert paired with classic head shapes which has adjustable weights.    The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter offers a wide body, great balance, and consistent roll via the SweetFace insert.

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SweetFace Insert

All Evnroll Putters are built around SweetFace Technology.  The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter has this technology in an insert.  The aluminum insert backed by polymer cushion reduces the face weight which can be repositioned elsewhere while damping the sound and feel.  The insert has just a touch of noticeable aluminum feel.  It is crisp at impact with a slightly higher pitch sound, but still soft rolling immediately off the face. The precision milled face pattern that creates consistent roll no matter where you hit the grooves works.  If center, it is a perfect roll, if off center, it compensates to still create the same roll as a center hit.  It is legit technology that you can see working hole after hole as you watch your putts do the same thing roll after roll.  Even your playing partners will comment on the consistency of your putts.  Your score card will also benefit from better putting.

Neo Classic

The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter is one of 5 classic head shapes used in this new line.  It is the perfect combination of anser style with a wide body to give a little more balance and stability.  The long line on the flange also helps with alignment.  I love the plumbers neck on this putter for the ideal look down on the ball.  The silver finish is crisp and clean with red, black and white accents.  This putter will always be in style.  If you have an arched stroked, this is a great putter with its toe hang.

Adjustable Weights

The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter has 2 weights on the sole that are set wide and just slightly toward the back.  You can swap them for lighter or heavier weights to fit your preference.  The putter doesn’t come with this kit, but you can order one to make changes.  I felt like the 340gram head weight was good and didn’t feel a big urge to change it.  I know that from a fitting perspective this is great to help golfers get dialed in to their needs and wants.

Premium Details

The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter is a premium putter in every way.  Not only is the technology outstanding there are customization options available too as well as 2 finishes, black or silver. The Tour Tac Grip is a soft, tacky 90 gram grip that is slightly oversized, but fits perfectly in hand for reduced tension and great feel.  The magnetic headcover is thick, well made, looks good and stays on the putter in the bag.


The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter consistently puts the best roll on the ball.  All the details above create one of the best performing putters I’ve used. I found it even a little better than the previous Evnroll EV5.1 putter since it fit my eye better for on-course performance.  It is super consistent, easy to align and putts the ball straight on the line every time.  Scores were lower with this putter in the bag.  I didn’t make every putt, but I certainly didn’t miss many either.  I couldn’t believe how many of the misses almost went in too.  The speed control is the best feature because of the SweetFace Insert.  The head shape really worked for me too and my putting stroke.


The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter is battling it out for the gamer spot in my bag.  I love everything about this putter.  I’d like to see a few more birdies on the card, but avoiding bogeys has really kept the scores low too.  I’ve had some great scores with many made putts during the last 5 rounds. The SweetFace insert milling tech is legit as putts roll the same distance with contact just about anywhere on the face.  If you want a high quality putter that puts the best roll on the ball; Evnroll is your best choice.

For more information: Evnroll Website

Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Evnroll offers 5 models in their Neo Classic putters series. They are classic shapes with 2 different finishes. You simply can't go wrong with any of them because of sweetest roll in golf no matter which putter you choose.

  • 💰 Price $399.00-$449.00 - Depending on finish. Custom options at additional cost.

  • ✅  Pros SweetFace Insert grooves, Adjustable weights, Tour Tac Grip, Amazing feel, Success on the green.

  • ⛔  Cons Aluminum face feel.

  • ⛳  Verdict The Evnroll Neo Classic 2.2 Putter is a wide body blade that has good stability and amazing forgiveness. The SweetFace Insert puts the most consistent roll on the ball you can buy. It has interchangeable weights so you can dial this putter in to your preferences. If you want to roll the ball better, consider one of the Evnroll Neo Classeic Series Putters.


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