Review: Fairway & Greene Shirts

Tradition + Tech Golf Shirts

Golf is one of those games that has more traditions than just about any other.  Even the clothing has not changed much over the years.  It is often called a gentleman’s game.  The clothing often reflects that attitude.

 Fairway & Greene believe in keeping that tradition alive and well with their clothing line.  As I browsed through their catalog, I saw page after page of traditional polos, pants and clothing.  While they still have a large percentage of traditional cotton polo shirts; they now have a variety of tech materials too.  These are the ones that caught my attention.

While many manufactures have tech materials, Fairway & Greene surprised me with their take on tech materials.  I received two shirts from them, one a blue striped and the other a solid blue.  Both looked very nice in the package.  What surprised me was how these two tech shirts could be so different.   While the size, fit and quality were both the same, the materials felt very different.

 The blue striped polo shirt had a very smooth texture to the material and it had lots of stretch to it.  It was a very unique tech material, it was not like your typical shirt.  I really liked this for a golf shift.  It has a traditional cut, but the extra stretch made it incredibly comfortable.  I also appreciated the fact that it had a little heft to the material.  Some of the tech shirts are so thin.  This one was just felt like you were wearing a shirt.  While I didn’t get the chance to wear it on a super hot sunny day, it still felt like it would be comfortable in some good heat, but maybe not the coolest polo ever made.

 The solid blue polo shirt was a like pique cotton polo only in tech material.  It has that tight waffle like pattern again with a good hefty fabric.  It had some stretch to it, just not as much as the striped polo.  It too, was comfortable in moderate temperatures, but for extreme heat, it might be a touch thick.

 When it comes to golfing in these, I was very comfortable.  They were a nice fit that was big enough for a couple extra pounds, but tight enough so that it wasn’t baggy, sloppy or in the way during swings.  I like how the shoulder seams were right on the top of the shoulder.  The collar was also very nice and laid flat.  In general they are just nice comfortable polos. 

You’re not going to find any wild, exotic patterns in the Fairway & Greene catalog.  What you will find is traditional golf clothes with just a hint of tech here and there.   I believe there is still mass appeal for this traditional clothing line and with the tech fabrics anyone can wear them.

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