Review: Fila Golf Apparel

Slim and Sporty
Golfers come in all shapes and sizes.  It is hard for an apparel company to cater to every size golfer, so most often they need to pick a fit and go with it.  Fila went with the very slim cut.  I think, this is a good move since many companies have gone the other direction.  I’ve read numerous requests from golfers looking for a slim fit, Fila is the slimmest I have found.

Don’t worry, the slim fit isn’t just like getting a size too small, it is just cut narrower through the torso and midsection, yet the length is perfect as are the shoulders and sleeves. I wear a size M in almost every brand, and the M in Fila fit great, just is cut slim.
While the slim fit is one of the distinguishing features, the materials are also slightly different.  Fila uses a “dry-fit” material which offers moisture wicking and is anti-bacterial, keeping odors to a minimum.  It is also very stretchy so that it is very comfortable for golfing because it is made with 7% spandex. (some of their shirts have more and a couple a little less) I really liked the stretch of the material for golfing, because it makes for one of the most comfortable polos for swinging a golf club.  No binding, no excess material, nothing to hinder a full shoulder turn or catch in any way.  It offered a slim, yet sporty look.


The shorts are also on the slim side which is nice for walking; no bunching up, no baggy shorts, just a nice slim fit.  They also have a slightly shorter inseam than other shorts so if you don’t want to look like you are wear capris, these are a great option.  The material of the shorts is a soft polyester micro fiber.  The look is kind of a brushed sateen.  The belt loops are plenty big to accommodate even a wide belt.  It has easy to access front scallop pockets.  The rear pockets are also wide and deep.

Both the polo and the shorts washed up nicely with no color fade and were virtually wrinkle free.  If you need a slim fit, comfortable, sporty looking golf apparel, then Fila is for you.

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Quick Hits
+Great fabrics
+Sporty look

–Might be too slim for larger golfers