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I used a Finn Scooter for 9 holes of golf. Finn Scooters are an alternate ride for playing golf. The Finn Scooter is a single person electric cart. It is a rental option at a number of courses around the US or can be purchased for personal use.

This is the definitive Finn Scooter Review for 2021.

Finn Scooter Review

Walking or riding?  That is the standard question you get when paying for your round at the pro shop.  Generally speaking, there are 2 options for most;, walk with your bag or share a ride in a power cart.  Within those options, there are caddies, stand bags, push carts, power push carts, and even riding solo on a power cart.  However, “Fun” isn’t usually the word associated with any of those options.  Utilitarian yes, but not necessarily fun.  I suppose if you have your own power cart and have it all decked out with coolers and speakers and a plethora of accessories, it can be fun; but for the most part, it just gets the job done.  Finn Scooters are shaking up that model with their single person, cart carrying, electric scooter, Funn machines.

Finn isn’t the first company to attempt to sell golfers on alternate cart options.  There have been “skateboard” based carts now for almost 10 years; there have been some sort of single person carts for many years as well, there have even been self-balancing wheels that had a short lived run on golf courses.   It seems the PGA show year after year had some new mode of golf course transportation.  Finn however is backed by Sun Mountain and seems to have created an option that addresses most of the issues plaguing single person golf course transportation.

Finn Scooters are electric so that makes them quiet and fairly easy to maintain.  Their price point is fairly close to ½ of a 2-person golf cart.  They offer fleet sales and personal sales as well as lease options for golf courses.  They do everything digitally through an app so the golf course has minimal additional work to have Finn Scooter available for rent.  The rental price point is still a little high as an additional fee on top of your greens fees, but not too much.  As an overall business plan for a golf course, having a fleet of these isn’t hard to justify.  They make money, while not requiring much work.

The Finn Scooter is really all about the on-course experience.  While my Finn Scooter experience was only 9 holes, I don’t think riding one for 72+ holes would change what I think about it.  Basically the Finn Scooter is FUNN.  After checking in for my tee time and downloading the Finn app, logging in, and then purchasing my round; I strapped my golf bag in the Finn Scooter I had picked out and away I went.  It is pretty self-explanatory how to ride and use the scooter.   While I’ve ridden bikes and scooters before, it is wise to get a handle on riding the Finn Scooter around the staging area or parking lot.  It has a thumb trigger for speed and handlebar brakes to slow you down.  It has a kickstand (that looks like a 3-wood) for when you get off the scooter to keep it standing.  The Finn has a low center of gravity and accelerates very smoothly.  These features make it easy to step up and start riding for just about anybody.  Learning the turning radius is important, especially the first time out on the course, since you don’t want to crash or get yourself in a bind.  At the end of the day it still is transportation to get you from point A to point B; there is an exhilarating feeling cruising down the fairway.  The soft tires and suspension make it feel like you are floating.  It felt like after the 1st hole, the Finn caused 0 distraction to my golf game.  Some of the other alternative carts I’ve tried I was still worried more about falling off the cart than playing golf.

Is this the future of golf carts?  Finn is certainly on to something with these scooters, even if the traditional 2-person cart never goes away.  The price point gives them potential for golf courses and personal use.  They offer social distancing, funn, and speed of play. If they found a way to make them street legal it would open up a world of potential.  I don’t know how many injuries have occurred on a Finn compared to a traditional cart, but I’m guessing there are a few more based on peoples’ ability to drive a regular cart; this is certainly more dangerous.


Finn is Funn!  If you want a personal golf cart or want to increase the joy of your round of golf, Finn Scooters are the best option out there by a mile.  You can find a course that has them for you to play through their app.  You can show up, pay your green fees and then rent a Finn through the app.  Strap on your bag and enjoy.  If a course has Finn scooters where I’m playing, I’d certainly rent it again and have Funn.

For more information: Finn Scooters Website

Finn Scooters – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Finn Scooters are fun alternatives to traditional carts for getting around the golf course.

  • ✅  Pros: Functional, Easy to use, Fast, Socially distance, Funn

  • ⛔  Cons: Additional cost, Slightly dangerous.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Finn Scooter is the best alternative golf cart to date. It is easy to use, fast and most of all Funn.


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