REVIEW: First Tee Shot Beverage

Who Needs a Mulligan When You Drink First Tee Shot?
The history of the Mulligan dates back to the early 1900s.  While there are a couple different legends about its true origin, they all center around the same thing.  “Mulligan” hit a poor first tee shot and he requested a 2nd one.  If only there was a way to avoid that bad 1st shot.  Many believe range time will cure this, a proper routine, confidence, and many other theories to rip your first drive.  What if there were a beverage that could help you on the 1st tee?  First Tee Shot created a 2oz “shot” to cure those first tee jitters.
The concept of a beverage to help calm us, help us focus, help us wake up, or help with any other ailment is accepted fairly widespread.  If you go to the store, you can find a drink that can fix just about anything.  So it comes as no surprise that someone would make an anti-mulligan drink.  First Tee Shot is a 2oz dietary supplement engineered to help you relax and improve your mental focus and concentration.  It looks just like a 5-hour energy drink. It however doesn’t have caffeine, sugar, gluten, calories or preservatives.  It is a natural supplement with Vitamin C, Magnesium, Lavender and Chamomile which help with focus and relaxation.  The other important listed ingredients like Gaba, Theanine, and Carnitine I’m not familiar with are also said to help prepare you for better golf.  It currently comes in Birdies Berry as the only flavor.

Does this $5 First Tee Shot drink actually work?  I decided to try it before some of my recent rounds and not on a couple to see if it makes a difference.    Since it is 2oz. it is easy to down getting out of your car or even warming up.  The flavor isn’t going to have you wanting more.  It has a strange bitter berry flavor.  It isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great either.  But 2oz take 2 seconds to drink and away you go.  You won’t “feel” anything, it isn’t like alcohol or a drug, nor does it have caffeine so you won’t notice a difference.  My un-sciencetific way of testing shows I hit a better 1st tee shot when I drank this first, compared to the rounds I didn’t.  While there might be some other factors like the course I was playing, but when taken I did hit very good 1st tee shots.  In the desert heat I don’t think this lasted the whole round since hydration goes through my body pretty quick, but there was no need for a mulligan after drinking First Tee Shot.

First Tee Shot seems to have worked for me.  Was it more of a “placebo” effect?  I don’t know.  But I can’t say it solved everything or that I suddenly shot the best scores of my life, it simply eliminated the need for a mulligan on the first few holes.  To be fair, I don’t need mulligans often on the 1st tee shot either.  If the taste was better I could see this being part of my pre round routine, but it was more like medicine than drink.  If you are gearing up for a big money match or club championship or some pro-am that you have some 1st tee jitters, I would recommend giving First Tee Shot a try.  The calming ingredients might just be what you need to avoid that mulligan on the 1st tee.

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Quick Hits:
+Calming beverage
+2oz shot
+Seems to work
+Easy to have ready

–Bitter berry taste