REVIEW: FixYourGame.Com Online Lessons

Outstanding lessons on your schedule
Finding time for a lesson can sometimes be difficult.  The teacher is booked when you are free but open when you have to work.   There can be all different reasons that finding the time for a lesson can be really tough.  But maybe there is also a fear of lessons too; how do I know who is a good instructor, how expensive is this going to be, what is the instructor going to find, am I going to be the worst golfer they have ever seen, etc..  I think Brant of has a solution to many of those problems.  Now all you need is a few minutes to hit some balls and a video camera (the one on your phone will work). 
The lessons are really very simple, convenient and reasonably priced.  Brant asks that you take a video just a couple minutes long of your swing both down the line (from behind the ball) and then a facing view so he can see set-up and grip.  After you take a couple short videos, you email them or upload them to him through his site.  In a few days you will get a video back that includes your lesson and a write up about it.

Does it work?  I have to say I was very impressed with my lesson.  During the winter months my swing tends to get rusty.  While I try to stay sharp by playing indoors, I still notice that I just don’t get enough reps and swings in to stay sharp. (and I tend to get a little out of shape too)  It was clear in the video I needed some work.  What I really appreciated about Brant’s approach was not a wholesale start over; confuse you with too many technical details, but just a couple of simple tweaks for improvement.  It worked too.  I felt like I was getting really inconsistent impact results from swing to swing.  It was because of my posture.  When he sent the return video with a side-by-side shot of proper posture and my posture along with drawn in lines concerning spine angle, it was pretty clear what I needed to fix.  The timing couldn’t have been better since I was leaving for a golf vacation in just a couple days after getting the video back.  It took a few holes to work out the kinks and rust, but just a little ways into my golf trip I really started striking the ball consistently.  I got my posture and spine angle right and the other things just kind of fell into place.

As the name of his teaching website says, it is “fix your game” lessons, not “start here” lessons.  I think that what Brant offers is best suited for a non-beginner; someone who has a swing, but just needs some help/tweaking it.  Beginners needs more hands on coaching, just watching a video is not going to help enough.  I think that because of the side by side video and the write up that Brandt does, it sets him apart from just learning DVDs or other training videos that come from some of the world’s best teachers.  You need to be able to compare where you are at with where you should be.  He also includes some other training videos to help give some ideas on drills that will help with your specific issue.

Finally I think that for the price, you can’t go wrong.  1 lesson is less than a dozen golf balls and a set of 5 lessons is about the cost of a dozen ProV1s.   Why keep on struggling trying to figure out what you are doing wrong? You can get a lesson on your schedule, whenever you want. Grab your iPhone, shoot a quick video and set up an account to get a “Fix Your Game” lesson.

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+Convenient lessons
+Individualized video analysis
+Easy straight forward teaching method
+Economical fix to your swing

–Not for beginners