REVIEW: Flat Cat Putter Grips

Square Grip, Square Hands, Square Face
One of the great keys to putting is getting the face of the putter square at impact.  If it is off by just a degree it can mean missed putts.  Obviously speed and alignment are necessary to make putts, but most golfers struggle with getting the putter face square.  The premise behind Flat Cat is that the “square” grip will allow you to place your hand on the grip square to the clubface and thus help square the face at impact.  Flat Cat offers an alternative shape in the oversized grip category.
I received the Media Kit from Flat Cat that had their 4 grip sizes in it.   Slim, Standard, Fat and Big Boy.  They are all a little bigger than a standard putter grip, but obviously that comes in 4 different versions.  They are all white with lime green and black lettering.  They all have a core size ideal for any regular putter shaft.  They have a soft rubber touch without much tack.  It is a nice soft smooth feel.  They range in weight from 45 grams – 104 grams. 

Installing a Flat Cat grip is pretty similar to other grips, except that air vent hole is on the side instead of the end.  While this is fine for installation, it doesn’t allow me to use my Arccos GPS game tracking grip cap.  It is really easy to install.  If you don’t read the instructions, you might actually put it on sides.  I did that at first, not really paying attention to the intended use.  It worked well that way too, with the flat on the top and bottom.  But clearly the intended design was better.

Picking a size can be tricky,  but it really comes down to preference.  I started with the Standard size and really fell in love with immediately.  As I moved through the other sizes, they all performed about the same, even though they did feel different in my hands.  The bigger the grip, the more it removes hand movement in the stroke.

I will say there are strokes to be gained using a Flat Cat.  It fits my stroke well and I feel like I want to flatten out my hands on regular grips, this kind of does it for me.  I installed mine on a Miura MG-007 putter.  It turned a good putter into a very good putter.  I did make more putts once this grip was installed than I did prior.  Not huge gains, but gains.  A putt or 2 better per round.  In golf, anything that helps is usually worth considering.  I think Flat Cat is a grip that can help square up the putter face at impact.

Will the Flat Cat solve all your putting woes?  It is however a nice feeling grip that does help eliminate some “wristy” putts and helps square up the putter face at impact.  These are all things that will improve your putting and most importantly your scores.  It’s kind of a bummer that you can use your game tracking grip ends with it, but other than that, it is a really solid aftermarket putter grip.

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Quick Hits:
+4 size options
+Great feel
+Helps square the putter face
+Improves putting/score

–Can’t use game tracking grip caps

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