REVIEW: FlightScope MEVO Launch Monitor

This is a Game Changer
There are important innovations in the golf industry every so often;  Titanium drivers, Anser putters, Graphite shafts, Prov1 balls, Arccos GPS tracker and now the FlightScope MEVO Launch Monitor.  While Launch Monitors are not new, one under $3000  that actually works is.  Sure there have been a couple brands that tried to dabble in this market, but most have come up short of a true launch monitor.  Their guesstimate was about as good as what my own eyes could see so they didn’t really offer much.  The MEVO is the real deal and is certainly a game changer.  It isn’t as robust or as accurate as the FlightScope Xi Tour that I compared it to, but at the price point, it will certainly benefit the average consumer.
 Golfers have been asking for something like this for years.  The few attempts by non-launch monitor companies came up short while true launch monitors were simply out of the budget for most golfers.  FlightScope has been a leader in the launch monitor industry and finally created an affordable, pocket sized launch monitor that is reliable enough to actually use.  It can’t replace the Xi Tour in terms of fitting or testing for reviews, but if you want to compare clubs, dial in your distances, see if your clubs are a good fit for your game, and compare video with shot information, the MEVO is perfect.  MEVO stands for Measure your numbers – Evaluate your game – Visualize your improvement – Optimize your performance.

The FlightScope MEVO is about the size of two golf balls next to each other.   It uses a USB cable to recharge and connects to the MEVO app on your smart phone via Bluetooth.  The unit looks very nice in the white body with red rubber edges.  The kickstand folds out so you can set it 4′ behind your ball on the target line.  Recharging is quick, connection to your smartphone is easy and everything fires up rather quickly when you take it to the range.  You can adjust the setting for chipping, indoor and outdoor shots.  From those basic setting there are many other features built into the app that you can adjust depending on what you want or need it to do.  After you pick you club on the app, swing away and the MEVO will track your shots.  Since it is Bluetooth, just be careful keeping your phone too far away from the MEVO it might loose the signal.  An ideal set up is using the video option.  I used an alignment stick with a phone holder  just behind the MEVO to do data and video.

Once you’ve hit a bunch of shots using the FlightScope MEVO, analyzing  the data is very simple.  You just go into the app and select a shot and it will show you how ever many parameters you set up.  I tend to work with 5 main categories.  Ball Speed, Club Speed, Launch Angle, Spin Rate and Carry.  You can show up to 6 data points of the 8 that the MEVO tracks in these chart boxes. 

 I tested the accuracy of the MEVO compared to my Xi Tour to see how accurate the numbers are.  For the most part things were very comparable.  Not the exact same number, but very close.  The MEVO’s radar can’t detect spin without a metallic dot.  I did find the MEVO will estimate a spin a number, even if there is no silver dot.  But the accuracy of that was way off.  With the silver dot applied, it was much closer.  I don’t know if your range will frown upon silver dots all over their range balls, but it really does make the MEVO more accurate.  I went through a bunch of silver dots.  They aren’t that expensive and certainly worth the accuracy they provide.  The actual difference in numbers appear to be a slightly higher launch angle on the MEVO and slightly more spin, but virtually identical ball speed and carry distance numbers.  So if you are using the MEVO to compare clubs, you won’t have any problems or for teaching it will be a perfect tool.  Another area that it doesn’t track is side to side.  So you can do dispersion circles or left or right off line measurements. 

The FlightScope MEVO has so much potential to improve your range sessions.  You can get accurate numbers and synced video for $500.   This little unit can really help you dial in your distances.  If you use the video feature you can also what you did differently on pure shots compared to poor ones.  It’s so easy to use, set-up and transport that you can keep it in your bag for multiple range sessions before you need to recharge it.  I preferred to recharge it every other session, but the battery indicator said I could probably even get a 3rd session out of one charge.

A side note about the MEVO is the baseball app.  (and potential soccer app)  It is nice to have something that other people in my family can use for other sports.   I can’t wait for the soccer app to come out, since my boys are all soccer players.  The baseball app is cool too for pitchers especially to  have radar tracking on pitches as well as the synced up videos.  All you have to do is set up your MEVO on a tripod.

The FlightScope MEVO is a Game Changer.  The ability to use for other sports and the price point make this a real value.  The accuracy of the numbers is good enough for most applications.  I’ll still use the FlightScope Xi Tour for reviews, but if I just want to do a quick range session, the FlightScope MEVO will be used to see how I’m swinging on any given day.  The MEVO  is great for what it is.  It is not a $10,000 launch monitor, but for most golfers it offers what they need and want for $500.  It is a Game Changer

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Quick Hits:
+Awesome App
+Track Ball speed, Club Speed, Spin, Launch angle and Carry distance
+Reasonably Priced
+Multiple Sport Usage

–Not as robust as Xi Tour

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