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REVIEW: Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor

The Ultimate Fitting Tool
In a day and age when the manufacturers are all producing excellent products, narrowing it down to get the best clubs in your hands can’t always be done with the naked eye.  While big differences in spin, trajectory and distance are obvious; 200RPMs spin , .5* launch or 5 yards distance are not so easy to see.  In order to play your best, having the best fit clubs will give you the best chance to shoot lower scores.  Flightscope makes the ultimate fitting tool.  Their X2 launch monitor is something every fitter and shop should have.  I believe it is superior to the other launch monitors that are on the market.  Between the price point, iPad app and ease of use the Flightscope X2 is the Ultimate fitting tool. 
As a regular golfer, owning a Flightscope X2 isn’t necessarily realistic since the price point is around 10k, but a good fitter or teacher should seriously consider this investment.  As a product reviewer I’ve found the information invaluable.  Done are the days of “it seemed low spin” or “it looks like it fits you well”; to now “that shaft spun 2400RPMs” or “this club is the best fit for you based on our testing.”  Confidence breeds success.  If you know your clubs are the best fit, there is a good chance you’ll play that way too.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tour pro or a first time golfer, the Flightscope X2 will be of benefit to any golfer.  The main screen in the app will give you the basics in 3 large circles, and you can set that to whatever you want, spin, launch, distance, angles, etc.  Across the bottom  of the screen is every data point of detail a tour pro can use, time in the air, apex of shot, dispersion, etc.  even if you don’t feel your swing is consistent enough, you’d be surprised that it probably is.  The Flightscope will average your results and chart what really is the best fit for you.

The nuts and bolts of a Flightscope X2 are based in 2 parts.  The Launch Monitor unit, and the software that translates the data collected by the unit.  The X2 unit is about the size of a big laptop.  It has a swing down arm that works like a kickstand and automatic leveling feet.  You need approximately 90 inches or more between the unit and a tee.  Not only for collecting data but for the units safety as it sits behind the tee.  It is radar based so it can track the entire flight of the ball outdoors, or simulate the remainder of the flight if hitting into a net.  In my 20+ trips to the range this fall, I only had one little glitch in getting data.  The battery was very low as I was trying to squeeze in some last shots at the range that night.  Once the unit was recharged it worked perfectly again.  It simply collected data shot after shot on the range.

The collecting of the data is really only as good as the software to interpret it is.  I think this is where Flightscope offers the best tools for fitting and teaching.  Their app is incredibly easy to set up and use.  A simple wireless connection to an iPad and away you go.  You can type in data about yourself or other users and store each session for comparison.  Club specs and details can be added so that when it comes to fitting, you can separate the shots to see the best results.  You can compare clubs, balls or players depending on your needs.  A simple swipe will allow you to navigate all the menus.  Once sufficient shots are hit, then the charts start helping interpret the data. This is also where you can delete the “scull” or “sky” so that those don’t skew your averages.  I will often hit 20 or more shots and the take the top 10 to compare with the other top 10 of a different club.  There are a couple different charts depending on how you like to see data.  Dots, lines, circles, colors will fill the graphs and help you see with data, what fits best. 

The iPad app is far easier than using a laptop(which you can if you prefer a laptop over an iPad) and because of the superior iPad display you can see it in bright light much easier than squinting at small black numbers on the unit like some other launch monitors.  You also can use the iPad to line up the unit outdoors as it turns on your camera, and you can even use it when mounted to the unit for automatic video recording too which can really help a teacher working with a student.

A secondary app that I found really useful for practicing is the Flightscope Skills.  It sets up what they call a combine where you can test your ability to hit targets in a timed fashion.  Can you hit a 20 yard pitch 5 times in a row, or what about a 30 yard wide target at 165 yards, or can you stripe a drive 5 times in a row over 225 yards?  Since golf is a precision game, these skills tests or training sessions are very valuable for improving your course management. 

Even if purchasing a Flightscope isn’t in your budget, you should find one for your next fitting, because it is the ultimate fitting tool.  If you are a shop owner or teacher this might be one of your best investments.  The better fit your customers are, the better they should play and the more likely to return the next time they want to get fit.

Actually I was hitting an 8-iron

I plan on adding Flightscope data to all my product reviews moving forward.  I still test clubs on the course too because that still is where the rubber hits the road, but data doesn’t lie either.  Between the two, I hope to give a complete picture of the results I found while testing each club, shaft or ball.

If you need the ultimate fitting tool, the Flightscope X2 is it.  

Check the price online here

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Incredible accuracy
+Indoor or Outdoor radar tracking
+iPad app and easy of use
+Data, data and more data
+Comparison charts
+Practice skills app

–Beyond most golfers budget

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