REVIEW: FootJoy Flex XP Shoes

Blending Styles To Meet Players Needs
The combination golf/street shoes are very popular because they fit several needs for today’s golfer. A company like FootJoy has been making both separately for quite some time, but in the last decade or so we have seen golf and athletic shoes mixed together to become a go-to style for even the best players in the world.  The new FootJoy Flex XP is another combination of form and function that can take on the elements as well. In 2019 FootJoy introduced the Flex shoe with huge success because it was like wearing tennis shoes to the golf course. Since then several styles of the Flex have been introduced, including the XP shoe which is the waterproof version in the lineup.
Footwear in golf had largely been a specific type of shoe with spikes sticking out of the soles for better grip on the ground during a golf swing. Yes, there are still shoes made for traditionalists and players that prefer that style of shoe, but nowadays the golf shoe is not just a golf shoe. It is a mix of style, materials and function to meet a wide variety of golfers. The Company History at FootJoy is very interesting and worth reading in regards to how footwear in golf has developed.

FootJoy has always been my go to footwear for golf and the new FootJoy Flex XP has allowed me to take the golf shoe off the course to wear on a daily basis. It all started when I was looking to get a new pair of golfing shoes and tried on a pair of the Flex XP shoes at my local golf course. From the moment I put them on, I knew these would be great, so much so that I purchased three different colors. 

I walk nearly every round of golf and I like to have something that has a bit more cushion to each step like a tennis shoe. The soft EVA midsole was like a pillow under my feet that still maintained stability during a golf swing. The laser sport fit has a full rounded toe which is perfect for me because I usually need a wide size to accommodate my feet. There was no time needed to break them in, I took them straight to the course and played. Much like the name implies, the shoe was flexible and very enjoyable to walk in.

There are two things I love about the performance of the FootJoy Flex XP shoes. 

  • First, the Versa-Trax outsole is amazing. Each shoe has a Golf, Off-Course and Hybrid Traction Zone specifically designed to function for the best grip possible. Playing golf with these shoes is not like playing with metal spikes again, but the Versa-Trax has a grip that works exceptionally well on grass or the pavement. 
  • Second, FJ warrants this golf shoe will be waterproof in normal use for one year. Like many golfers I try to stay away from water with my golf ball and my shoes, but the waterproofing is nice when it is still a bit wet out. I’ve played in a downpour as well as morning dew and these shoes left my feet nice and dry.

They may look like a tennis shoe, which they really feel like, but they perform on the golf course as well. If you want a shoe that can be used on or off the course and in any kind of weather, the FootJoy Flex XP is the one for you.

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Quick Hits:
+Sleek Modern Look
+Excellent Price Point for Dual Purpose Shoes
+Same Great Traction On and Off the Course
+Waterproof Warranty for 1 Year

–Tough to clean off dirt

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