REVIEW: FootJoy HyperFlex BOA

FootJoy's Best Use of BOA

If you have read any of my golf shoe reviews, you will notice my affinity for BOA.  The BOA lace systems in my opinion is the best way to  secure shoes to your feet.  They have been around now for numerous years and have worked with many shoe manufactures.  They have their lace system on spiked and spikeless shoes, they have the BOA dial on the front, side and heel; they even made a dual BOA lace system.  The new FootJoy Hyperflex BOA is their best version yet.

FootJoy is one of the more popular golf shoe brands.  They have often been associated with “traditional” golf shoes.  Over the years they have proven that they are also modern and innovative with various non-traditional models.  The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA is very modern in both style and function.  The mesh upper is paired with an ergonomic sole which is designed to mirror the natural flex of your foot.  The uppers are less structured and look more like an athletic/casual shoe.

The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA shoes offer amazing “flex” while walking.  The mesh uppers form nicely to your feet and bend with ease on every step.  The OptiFlex outsole design serpentines throughout the length of your foot to flex naturally with each step and add additional torsion control through your swing.   This combination of flex zones mimics the natural motion while walking.   It has spikes placed at the grip points for maximum traction swinging or walking.  They also have a StratoFoam cushioning system which creates a soft yet supported step.  You have just enough cushion to reduce foot fatigue, but firm enough to not feel squishy.

The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA shoes use a mesh upper which is actually treated for a 2-year waterproof guarantee.  These breathable less structured uppers are very comfortable right out of the box.  They bend and flex very easily with every step.  I’m impressed by how lightweight they are, how comfortable they are, and yet how much support they give.  BOA certainly help with the support as you can tighten them up to the exact amount of pressure you want on your foot.  The mess uppers are very stylish too and surprisingly clean up really nicely.  The waterproof treatment also keeps the dust from sticking to the mesh.

The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA use the BOA lace system the best of any shoe I’ve worn so far.  I have many different version of BOA, but this one creates the most comfortable yet most secure ways to keep your foot in place in your shoe.  The asymmetric WRAPID configuration creates a large “over-tongue” flap which is secured with BOA laces low on the outside of the foot and the dial is on the heel.  This creates down and back pressure for a secure fit.  This allows you to pull down the flap tightly without cutting into the top of your foot and distributing the downward pressure evenly across the top of your foot.  It really is their best version yet.

The FootJoy Hyperflex BOA is one of the best spiked shoe combos you can get.  It is very comfortable, offers incredible traction and w/BOA is laces and unlaces very quickly and precisely.  I really like how you can really tighten these shoes up and yet they are very comfortable on the top of your foot.  While I still might prefer spikeless shoes for everyday use, they spiked shoes are as good as it gets with BOA and FootJoy’s use of upper material and adaptive flex sole.

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Quick Hits:
+BOA lace system
+Very comfortable
+Excellent traction
+18 walkable right out of the box
+Forms to your foot nicely.

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