FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon BOA Golf Shoe Review

#1 In Stability + Out of the Box Comfort + BOA

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FootJoy has reigned as the #1 shoe on tour for years.  The HyperFlex Carbon BOA will certainly help that cause because of their rock solid stability and their out of the box comfort.  Add the BOA option and they are even better.  I’ve worn these shoes for 6 rounds of golf; a couple walking and the others riding.

 This is the definitive FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon BOA Golf Shoe Review.

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The FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon BOA Golf shoes are the newest version of tour caliber shoes that offers extreme stability with laces or the BOA Fit System.   These spiked shoes are the grippiest, most stable, lock down, swing for the fences, golf shoes I’ve ever tested, even better than last years Tour Alpha Shoes.  The combination of Pular spikes, BOA Fit System option, Ortholite inserts, Optiflex outsole, Carbon Fiber Plate, and Knit bootie uppers means these shoes can endure the most strenuous environments in golf along with being comfortable right out of the box.  While you may not be putting for millions of dollars on the 72nd hole; that daunting tee shot, or that side hill wedge shot when playing against your buddies can use all the stability we can get and still be comfortable.

The FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon BOA Shoes have one of the cleanest looks in black or white.  They have a dual tongue wrap over the top of the shoe that locks your foot down for incredible stability.  The Carbon plates is just barely visible to give it a hint of technology of stability in these shoes.  SoftSpikes lock your foot to the ground.  The strong connection means stability for walking and throughout the swing.  The Leather is mixed with knit uppers to blend stability and comfort into a much better out of the box package. These are one of the most comfortable “stability” Footjoy shoes I’ve walked in.

The FootJoy HyperFlex Caron BOA Shoes have my favorite shoe feature: BOA Fit System.   Footjoy places the BOA dial on the heel.  This then uses BOA laces to mirco-adjust the dual zone tongue across the top of the foot to get the most comfort and stability by locking your foot into the shoe.   The BOA laces are on the side of the foot so no laces cut across the top which allow for a better and more comfortable fit.  Everyone has a different foot shape and height to their arch.  This allows the fit to be dialed in precisely and easily maintained with a click of the BOA dial.

The FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon BOA Shoe is one sharp looking shoe.  If you want technology, stability and BOA you won’t find a classier shoe out there.  The addition of the Carbon Fiber plate to the HyperFlex body mean that you get even stability than the standard HypeFlex shoe.  The carbon fiber wraps the midsole to stabilize the flex of the shoe without making it heavier.  This combination makes for the best of all worlds; comfort, lightweight, cool look and even more stability.

The FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon BOA Shoes are golf shoes only.  They are spiked and are not going to be worn off the course.  However I was blown away by their comfort.  My knock on Footjoys have been the holes/rounds of golf it took to break them in to make them comfortable.  The HyperFlex Carbon were right out of the box/18 holes walking comfortable.  I didn’t feel the rush to get them off my feet after I walked off the 18 green.  The new and improved Ortholite insoles are really “cushy” and give the shoes a nice soft feel while walking.  They can be interchanged to adjust the fit even more to your specific foot needs.  In many brands I wear a 9.5; but in FootJoy I have found that 9 is the better fit.  So make sure you try these on or know your FootJoy size before ordering off the internet.


If stability and comfort is what you crave in a golf shoe, the FootJoy Hyperflex Carbon BOA is the #1 shoe you need to try.  They are packed with features, the best of which is the BOA Fit System. The out of the box comfort is a huge step forward for such stable shoes.  The #1 Shoe in golf created the #1 shoe for stability and comfort by combining a numerous features aimed to make a shoe fit great, grip the ground, repel the elements and lock your foot in for the most aggressive swings.

For more information: FootJoy Website  or  BOA Website

FootJoy HyperFlex Caron BOA Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: FootJoy is the #1 shoe in golf. The HyperFlex Carbon BOA shoes are their #1 model for stability and now comfort. The BOA Fit System makes them even better.

  • ✅  Pros: BOA, Stable, Comfortable, Spiked grip, Knit uppers, Ortholite insert.

  • ⛔  Cons: Would love to see a spikeless version of these.

  • ⛳  Verdict: FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon BOA shoes offer the best "swing for the fences" shoes with unrivaled stability and amazing comfort packed with features and secured with BOA.


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