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I wore the Forme Science Ace Polo for the last 6 rounds of golf I’ve played and shot some of my best scores of the year while wearing this polo.  It is the only FDA approved polo for better posture.  It is more than just a game changer, it is a life changer as it helpers your posture on or off the course when worn.  All this science is secretly hidden in a very classy looking golf polo.

This is the definitive Forme Science Ace Polo Review for 2022.


There are few golf products any more that are truly game changers.  That is not to say there aren’t great new products and many are worth the investment, but the Forme Science Ace Polo is legitimately the best golf product I’ve tested in years.  At times I’ve found it hard to review golf apparel, because 99.9% of golf apparel is essentially the same.  Shirt, shorts, pants with a style you like or dislike.  They might have a different fit, different material, different price point, but basically if they cover your body, that is really all that matters.  While golf apparel is a huge industry and we all see apparel as an expression of who we are, in terms of golf performance, there isn’t much difference.  However Forme Science, created their entire line based on performance which will actually improve your posture thus improving your game.

This isn’t my first time reviewing Forme Science apparel, you can read about the Ace T-shirt and Pro shorts here.  They are outstanding, but weren’t perfect for golf in AZ becaue the T-shirt resulted in 3 layers which was just too hot for most of my rounds of golf.  The Ace Polo however solved that problem since it is only 2 layers and is the best golf polo you can buy.  At first glance you wouldn’t notice anything different about the Ace Polo if it is hanging on a rack or being worn; it looks like any other golf polo.  It is offered in 5 dark colors, has one main chest logo.  To the touch it is a “dry fit” material that feels and looks like any other polo.

The Forme Science Ace Polo is so much more than any other golf shirt because of the inner layer which consists of FormeMesh and FormeBand.  This inner layer is connected to the outer layer but remains hidden while wearing.  The science is in the placement and function of the FormeBand.  It is like a strip of elastic sown in the FormeMesh right between your shoulder blades.  You immediately feel the difference when you put the Ace Polo on.  The FormeBand pulls your shoulders back, chest out and neck up.  It forces you into better posture.  Not so strong you can resist and not so forceful that it hurts if you don’t, but a gentle to moderate tug/reminder to stand up/sit up straight.  It is like the apparel version of a parent telling you to stop slouching.

The Forme Science Ace Polo runs a little on the small side.  It is is important to get a good fit for the best posture so read their sizing chart carefully.  I’ve found golf apparel sizing to be all over the place and ever changing.  I wear anything from a Small in some brands to a Large in others, but tend to be a Medium in most. The Forme Science Ace Polo that fits best is a Large, but there isn’t much room to spare.  I do have a taller torso and a couple extra pounds in the middle, but still not a “big” guy.  So consider going a size larger than your normal polo.  I think especially length wise as I can tuck the L in, but not with much to spare.  The neck and sleeves fit nicely and accurately in the size L.

The Forme Science Ace Polo is a game changer, dare I say life changer because it improves your posture.  I’ve found my biggest swing flaw is posture.  I think that tends to be true for many golfers.  Over the course of 18 holes our bodies get tired and/or we lose focus and start to slouch a little or don’t hold the posture all the way through the swing.  Amatuers and less fit golfers probably the most.  That gentle reminder built into the Ace polo helps keep the spine and chest in the best position for a golf swing. For me over the course of 6 rounds it helped me shoot better scores.  Beyond the course it can better a life changer in the office or on the go.  No matter how great your office chair is or how helpful your standing desk is, if you work on a computer your naturally want to slouch.  Sitting/Standing up while working will really help posture and can eliminate some back pain.  This shirt can help correct/reverse some lifelong back issues.  You have many of the same issues when you travel, cramped in an airplane seat or car for hours, we tend to have terrible posture which leads to numerous aches and pains while traveling, which the Ace Polo can help correct.

The Forme Science Ace Polo comes in at a whopping $198.  That is almost twice what high end polo cost and maybe even 10x what you’d like to pay for a golf polo.  I’m as frugal as anyone when it comes to apparel so investing that much into a single polo is tough, but my scores and back say otherwise.  They do run some specials and discounts to bring the cost down a small amount, but one of the best deals I’ve found is that since they are an FDA approved spine brace you can use FSA/HSA funds to purchase them.  I tested it an bought another Ace Polo and my HSA reimbursed me immediately.  (My HSA debit card didn’t work, but they sent me a check the next day)  That means you can get all the posture, health and golf benefits while not really having to pay out of pocket for it. Even if you don’t have FSA/HSA funds to use, I highly recommend at least one Ace Polo for your wardrobe to help with posture.


Forme Science Ace Polo is game/life changing.  You will instantly see and feel the difference when you put it on.  Since posture is such an important part of the golf swing, you will see your scores improve.  The same is true at the office or traveling concerning your health connected to posture.  Maybe you can’t wear a Forme Science polo or t-shirt every day, but the posture reminders will become habit even when you are not wearing them.  The Forme Science Ace Polo is my go-to golf polo that I wear playing golf if I can.  I now have 2 of them and hope that they keep expanding their color offerings so I can get more to wear.  This is legitimately the best golf product of 2022.

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Forme Science Ace Polo – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Forme Science makes FDA approved apparel that improves your posture. The Ace Polo is the best golf product of 2022 because of the game and life benefits.

  • ✅  Pros: Game improving posture, Hidden FormBand, Looks normal, FSA/HSA purchase ability, Life changing comfort, FDA approved.

  • ⛔  Cons: High cost, Slightly smaller fit.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Forme Science Ace Polo is the best game changing golf product you can buy. The science behind these shirts works to improve your posture on or off the course.

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