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Forme Science Apparel Review

I have worn the Forme Science Ace T-Shirt and Pro Shorts for 7 rounds of golf.   While the Ace T-Shirt retails for $150 and the Pro Shorts Retail for $100, they may be the best investment you can make for your game.  They improve your posture which has long lasting effects on your health as well as your golf game. I was blown away by a legitimate “game changer” apparel line.  

This is the definitive Forme Science Apparel Review for 2021.

Forme Science Apparel Review

My favorite subject in school was science.  I loved learning about how things work and function in the world.  I found experimentation and creating things based on the laws and rules of science to fascinate me.  So much of golf really comes down to science.  While there is an art to playing golf and hitting creativite shots, golf is really a science and math equation.  However, I’ve pretty much never thought of science when it comes to golf apparel; it is always art.  What shirt/jacket/shorts/pants cover you up properly while allowing you to swing comfortably?  When I heard about Forme Science apparel, I was a sceptic.  How can a t-shirt improve your golf game?  Forme Science affirmed my love of science with their apparel.  They create a legitimately unique shirt that improves your golf game by improving your posture.

Forme Science is based on the simple premise: improve posture, improve scores. I think we all know that this is true since virtually anyone that has ever gone to a swing coach has talked about posture.  We all know we need to stand tall with our shoulders back, but bad habits and fatigue will cause us to slouch.  If you work a fair amount at a desk, like I do, this can be even more of a problem.  Forme Science designed a T-shirt that helps fix your posture.

Yeah right?  Hear me out.  The Forme Science Ace T-Shirt is a legit golf product that I would never have believed I would fall in love with.  It is a double layer t-shirt with a spandex inner layer that has a very distinct and obvious band of elastic right across your shoulder blades to essentially “pull” everything into place so that you stand tall.  While you can still slouch if you want, it certainly has enough tension to remind you not to.

Forme Science also makes Ace shorts.  These too are an undergarment designed to get your lower body aligned properly for good posture.  I really like these shorts, but didn’t feel the same unique sensations as I did the t-shirt.  I think it might be because I have better posture in the lower half of my body than my upper half.

Both are made of a mixture of spandex, elastic and dry-fit materials.  They come in mostly dark colors and are sized appropriately.  The Pro shorts fit me perfectly in a size M while the Ace T-shirt runs just a touch small so I fit into a size L. They are both very comfortable and offer excellent posture aids while still looking good and normal.  I wore just the T-shirt to the office one day and people commented about how nice it looked; they weren’t even aware of the dual layer and posture improving quality.  I don’t think I’ll be wearing just the shorts out of the house, unless it is to the gym or riding a bike because of their tight fit.

The only downside of the Forme Science dual layer T-shirt is that fact that it is hot wearing it underneath a polo in AZ. During my multiple rounds wearing this shirt, I was sweating profusely since it creates 3 layers.  I can truly say I shot better scores wearing this t-shirt than when not.


So is a $150 t-shirt worth it?  Heck yeah.  I am blown away by the comfort and benefits of this t-shirt.  I can’t wait until the Polo shirt is readily available.  The science behind this line of apparel is revolutionary.  Even if you don’t wear a Forme Science shirt every day, the posture reminder serves as muscle memory too.  I find myself sitting up and standing straighter, even if I’m not wearing a Forme Science Shirt.

I know it is crazy to say this, but this is one of most revolutionary pieces of apparel I’ve ever worn.  Most apparel companies just recreate what others do with a different pattern, but Forme Science actually made a shirt and shorts that help your posture and thus help you play golf better.  The price point might deter some, which is understandable, but the investment is not only in your game, but in your health.  Rather than upgrading your driver for an extra yard or two, consider upgrading your T-shirt and shorts for better posture.  I love Forme Science.

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Forme Science Apparel – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Forme Science offers apparel designed to improve your postures. The Ace T-Shirt and Pro Shorts will have you standing up straight and tall which will improve your performance in most sports, specifically golf.

  • ✅  Pros: Better Posture, Comfortable, Muscle memory, Looks great, Nice fabric, Good fit, Improved golf scores.

  • ⛔  Cons: Expensive, Can be hot with multiple layers.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Forme Science might be expensive, but it is a legitimate “game changer” for posture and golf apparel.


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