Review: FORTÉ Apex 6 Golf Balls

Incomparable Golf Balls
Speed is the main source of distance.   The faster you swing, the faster the ball launches off the face.  The faster a face can transfer speed to the ball, the longer the ball will go.   However when we try to generate more speed through our swing, fundamentals break down and even though we were trying to gain distance, it comes at the cost of wayward shots and ultimately less distance.  The Callaway Epic Speed 3 wood however I found that the harder I swung the more I was rewarded.  Swing speed is rewarded with ball speed.  The technology in this club transfers maximum speed to the ball.
Apex 6 – The World’s First 6 Piece Golf Ball
I was reminded on Twitter that there was another 6 layer golf ball that came before this, but with technical definitions being what they are, 6 Pieces is not 6 Layers. So FORTÉ has claimed to make the first 6 piece golf ball. It caught my attention right away because a company here in the U.S. already tried this idea. I suppose someone said in a meeting one day, “someone is trying to make a 5 piece ball, we should get started on a 6 piece ball”. It makes sense that each layer is trying to impart performance into your golf shot, but I resisted my bias until I had a chance to test these.

What makes these new golf balls so unique or special?
The technology in production is new and patented.  U-CAST technology is a revolutionary cast urethane process developed and patented by FORTÉ Golf to manufacture exceptional, tour-level golf balls. Contrary to most other urethane balls on the market which are injected with urethane compounds, FORTÉ Golf uses a casting process that evenly distributes the density on a nano scale over the entire surface area of the balls. This technique has been proven to maximize impact stability. and adds longevity to each golf ball.

Is this going to be better than the ball I have?
That depends. If you gather information and try new golf balls to see what fits your game, you might find a better ball. Many golfers don’t go outside the marketing box we are in and just keep eating the same info with new and snazzy pictures or slogans. I was stuck on that wagon for many years, but now I have found every company presents a lot of options to consider when finding something that works best for your game.

 I did like the performance of the Apex 6 ball. It felt really good and didn’t sound or feel much different than other premium balls on the market today. The numbers are better for me with the Apex 6 over many of the U.S. offerings we choose from. If this golf ball was available in the U.S. it could make a splash and try to gain some traction, but the market has so many choices already, I’m not sure how that would happen.

The FORTÉ Apex 6 is an excellent golf ball that offers real performance. I was really impressed by the all around numbers it produced off every club.  It lives up to its marketing speak.  Overseas it can compete with the other brands because of their high price points, but unless the cost is lowered for the US market, it will be hard to overtake the number 1 ball in golf.  If you can get your hands on these Australian made golf balls you will be very happy with the results.   

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Quick Hits:
+Better than average tour level golf balls
+6 two pack sleeves in a box
+Advanced process in construction
+All around great numbers

–Not sold in the U.S. yet