Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons Review

Blades That You Can Actually Play Because of Their Unique Design

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I played the Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons for 7 rounds of golf.  They are one of the most unique blade irons with their minimal offset, compact size, workability, yet long and forgiving.  While Fourteen might not be a household name for golf clubs in the US, these blades offer what so many golfer dream of: blades they can actually play.

This is my Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons Review for 2023.

You know the phrase:  I’m not good enough to play blades.  I’d say that 95% of the time that is a true statement. However Fourteen has designed what they call Theater Blades or TB for short.  This unique design combines elements of blades and cavity backs.  At address they look like blades.  They have a compact size, thin top line and minimal offset.  The back however has this unique muscle back that has weight high and low.  It moves the CG up to an optimal position for pure hits and reduction of vibration.  I’ll explain more, but the Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons are the unicorn irons you’ve been looking for: blades you can actually play.
The Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons have the unique muscle portion of the club you can see in the pictures.  It a unique face thickness that flows like a theater which creates a balance of feel, forgiveness and distance.  They are compact which is really nice to look down at them behind the ball.  They have very minimal offset which also makes me happy when they are in the “ready” position.  That thin top line also says we’ve got game.  While some believe that looks don’t impact performance, then they also don’t understand the visual impact clubs have on our minds while swinging.  Visually these scream performance.

The Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons performed even better than I expected.   Blade irons come with a stigma/reality that says they are hard to hit. And while that might be true for most blades, these are very forgiving.  I was impressed with their consistent distance and direction.  I was hitting greens left and right with these while watching the ball hold a straight line.  But at the same time, they have workablity like a blade that the skilled golfer can still make use of.  You can hit a high cut, a low draw and everything in between, or you can just watch the ball go straight.

The Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons are not short either.  Their length became obvious on the course right away.  It only took one swing to watch the ball take off and carry an extra 10 yards.  They are a full club longer than traditional blades.  They have strong lofts by a couple degrees. They don’t have any goo to fill the cavity, or any screws to move weight, simply a unique forged design that creates power. You are not sacrificing distance to play these blades.

The Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons feel as good as the look.  There is nothing purer than striking a 4-iron off the tee high and long  The S20C metal used is a very soft which means you can feel the impact with almost no vibration.  The muted crack at impact is heavenly.  Feel many not a major performance factor, but the enjoyment of hitting these irons is very real.  The beveled sole also makes these cut the grass just a little while resisting digging.  It adds to a great feel at impact, minimal ground and more ball.

The Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons are some of the best performing irons I’ve hit on the course  They offer scoring features that offer the best of all worlds. The long irons have power and accuracy.  I always enjoying watching a well struck 4-iron take off, hold its line and land softly on the green.  As you progress through the set from top to bottom, these is a consistency of distance.  Accuracy just got better as the clubs got shorter.  These really are pin hunting irons.  They have slightly stronger lofts, but they still launch high and have good spin.  It took no time to adjust or adapt to these irons.  It was point and shoot, especially for the short irons. These comes with Nippon Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 shafts.  They are the slightly lighter version of my favorite shaft.  It offers a touch more swing speed and launch while still feeling amazing and offering shot control.

Fourteen TB-7 Forged 8 Iron Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Launch Monitor

 Spin: 7682 rpms

 Launch Angle: 28.7*

Dispersion: 2.5 yds

 Club Head Speed: 89.0 mph

 Ball Speed: 117.9 mph

 Total Distance: 159.8 yds

 Carry Distance: 156.1 yds


The Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons are blades you can actually play.  I’m impressed by how easy to hit they are, how long they are and how amazing they feel.  While these might not have a big OEM name attached to them, the unique design works in every way.  They look amazing, they feel amazing and they score.  You might have written off blades for your game, but these deserve your attention. The “theater blades” unique CG mean you can look at blades that play like a forgiving players distance iron.  Just because they scream “blade” doesn’t mean you can’t play them.  Fourteen has a demo program which I highly recommend so you can see for yourself how awesome these blades are.  You may just find yourself actually playing blades. 

For more information: Fourteen Golf

Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Fourteen has finally created that unicorn iron: a blade that you can actually hit. They may not be a major OEM in the US, but this unique design offers the best of everything in a playable blade iron.

  • ✅  Pros Beautiful looks, Amazing feel, Long, Very forgiving, Easily workable, Easy launch, Outstanding performance.

  • ⛔  Cons Not readily accessiable in person.

  • ⛳  Verdict The Fourteen TB-7 Forged Irons are blades you can actually play. The unique design creates distance, forgiveness and feel. They are much easier to hit than expected and really take your iron game to the next level. They are the new iGolfReviews gamer irons.



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